What are synonyms for sacrifice?

What are synonyms for sacrifice?

synonyms for sacrifice

  • atonement.
  • deduction.
  • discount.
  • libation.
  • oblation.
  • offering.
  • penance.
  • reduction.

What is the synonym of intergenerational?

relating to more than one generation Synonyms: Generations. generation. the generation gap. baby boomer.

What is it called when someone sacrifice yourself for others?

Codependency: Sacrificing Yourself for Others.

What is selfless sacrifice?

Self-sacrifice is the giving up of what you want so that other people can have what they need or want. I thanked my parents for all their self-sacrifice on my behalf. Synonyms: selflessness, altruism, self-denial, generosity More Synonyms of self-sacrifice.

What is an acronym for sacrifice?


Acronym Definition
SAC Sacrifice
SAC Symposium on Applied Computing (ACM Symposium)
SAC Service à la Clientèle (French: Customer Service)
SAC San Antonio College (TX, USA)

What is a synonym and antonym for sacrifice?

sacrificeverb. Synonyms: offer, immolate, destroy, surrender, forego. Antonyms: reserve, retain, appropriate, withhold.

What is the synonym of generation?

procreation, reproduction, propagation, breeding, fathering, siring, engendering, spawning, creation. literary begetting.

What is intergenerational trauma?

Intergenerational trauma (sometimes referred to as trans- or multigenerational trauma) is defined as trauma that gets passed down from those who directly experience an incident to subsequent generations.

How do you describe someone who sacrifices?

Not selfish; selfless; generous; altruistic. In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for self-sacrificing, like: self-effacing, noble, open-hearted, gallant, helpful, generous, heroic, unselfish, self-giving, valorous and chivalrous.

What is the true meaning of sacrifice?

1 : the act or ceremony of making an offering to God or a god especially on an altar. 2 : something offered as a religious act. 3 : an act of giving up something especially for the sake of someone or something else We were happy to make a sacrifice of our time to help a friend in need.

What’s the definition of self denying?

: a restraint or limitation of one’s own desires or interests.

What are antonyms for sacrifice?

sacrificenoun. Antonyms: reservation, appropriation, retention, salvation, rescue, offence, transgression. Synonyms: offering, oblation, immolation, surrender, destruction, atonement, propitiation, appeasement, expiation.