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What are some of the worst customer service stories?

What are some of the worst customer service stories?

“You’re not following our process.” Sadly, this was said to a customer by one of my own CSRs. This was a wake-up call for sure. “I’m sorry, but that’s our Policy and I’m not connecting you with my supervisor.” This reply is anathema to the reason for customer service — to serve the customer (the person with the $$$ they want).

How are customer service stories used to train people?

As The People Skills Coach™, I use both positive and negative real life customer service stories to train Service Desk and Help Desk analysts, Customer Care teams, Customer Service Reps, and Contact Center agents. The positive customer service stories define the model of great customer service behavior.

When to get upset with an unhappy customer?

This will not only diffuse anger (since it’s harder for most people to get truly angry face to face) but it also shows that you genuinely want to address and fix the situation. If you feel that your client is being unreasonable, you might start to get upset, especially if he or she is criticizing you, or your organization, unfairly.

How can you tell if a customer is angry?

You can typically tell if someone is angry within the first few seconds of the interaction. Before you attempt to diffuse the situation by talking them down, listen without judgment to their whole story and jot down important points as the caller explains.

Why are there so many bad customer service stories?

More than ever before, businesses need to be accountable to their customers and the general public. Thanks to the internet and social media, customer service horror stories can spread like wildfire (just ask British Airways, who learned this the hard way—more on that below) and attract all the wrong attention.

What happens when you get an angry customer?

Angry customers can be converted to loyal customers if they experience a positive customer service experience. So loyal, in fact, that they become more likely to buy from you again after a customer service interaction than they were before. Can you really screw up, fix it, and gain a more loyal customer as a result?

What are some horror stories about Comcast customer service?

Another customer’s cancellation request was met with refusal from a customer service rep, who repeatedly demanded a reason for cancellation for eight entire minutes! Another man who tried to cancel his Comcast service for a total of four hours posted a 38 minute excerpt of his telephone conversation on YouTube.

Which is an example of a bad customer service experience?

From the customer’s point of view, this looks like an example of a bad customer service experience—they can’t get what they need and are in danger of becoming a vocal detractor against Zapier. But even through the product couldn’t meet the need, Micah wanted to transform the customer’s perception of poor service.