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What are Arizona statutes?

What are Arizona statutes?

The Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) is the name given to the statutory laws in the state of Arizona. The ARS went into effect on January 9, 1956. It was most recently updated in the first regular session of the 53rd legislature. There are currently 49 titles, although three have been repealed.

Who enacted the Arizona Revised Statutes?

the Arizona Legislature
The laws in the Arizona Revised Statutes are passed by the Arizona Legislature, which consists of the Arizona House of Representatives and the Arizona Senate.

What is ARS Title 36?

36-409. Certification, licensure and monitoring of long-term care facilities, facilities and services.

Does Arizona require a license for making consumer loans?

This license is required of any person that advertises to make or procure, solicits, or holds themselves out as willing to make or procure or makes or procures a loan of $10,000 or less or a revolving loan of not more than $10,000.

Under which title in the Arizona Revised Statutes can I find information on laws about child safety?

Title 8 – Child Safety.

How do you get someone involuntarily committed in Arizona?

How can I get someone committed because he is a threat to himself or others? Contact the Arizona Department of Health Services , Division of Behavioral Health Services at 602-364-4558, or the Federal Mental Health Services Administration Treatment Referral Routing Service at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

What is the weirdest law in Arizona?

Arizona’s “Stupid Motorist Law” is the nickname for this statute. This statute was passed in 1995. It says that any driver who willingly bypasses police-enforced barricades and becomes trapped is liable for emergency rescue costs. In other words, Arizona sure believes in ‘paying for your stupidity.

What are the laws of the state of Arizona?

DISCLAIMER Title Title Heading Title 5 Amusements and Sports Title 6 Banks and Financial Institutions Title 7 Bonds Title 8 Child Safety

What are the title of the Arizona Revised Statutes?

DISCLAIMER Title Title Heading Title 24 THIS TITLE HAS BEEN REPEALED Title 25 Marital and Domestic Relations Title 26 Military Affairs and Emergency Managemen Title 27 Minerals, Oil and Gas

When does a rule become effective in Arizona?

Generally a rule becomes effective sixty days after a certified original and two copies of the rule and preamble are filed in the Secretary of State’s Office and the time and date are affixed (A.R.S. § 41-1032). The agency may demonstrate that the rule needs to be effective immediately on filing with…

What are the laws of minerals in Arizona?

DISCLAIMER Title Title Heading Title 27 Minerals, Oil and Gas Title 28 Transportation Title 29 Partnership Title 30 Power

How does anti-lapse laws and statutes work in Arizona?

How Anti-Lapse Laws and Statutes Work in Arizona Under Arizona state probate laws, the beneficiaries you name in your will must survive you by at least 120 hours in order to inherit the gift. In other words, Arizona state probate laws consider a beneficiary as predeceasing the will testator if that beneficiary dies within five days of the testator’s death.

Does Arizona have a stand-your-ground law?

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018) Arizona is one of more than 20 states with the self-defense law called the ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law, which gives individuals the right to use deadly force to defend themselves without any requirement to evade or retreat from a dangerous situation.

What are the felony laws in the state of Arizona?

Arizona Arson Laws. Arson is a serious offense in most states, and Arizona is no exception. Specifically, arson is a felony in the state, and is defined as the crime that occurs when a person knowingly and deliberately damages a structure, property or wild land area by knowingly causing a fire or explosion. For example, someone can be convicted of arson if they purposely cause an explosion or start a fire that ends up damaging another person’s property or structure, or if they purposely set

What laws were passed in Arizona?

The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act (introduced as Arizona Senate Bill 1070 and thus often referred to simply as Arizona SB 1070) is a 2010 legislative Act in the U.S. state of Arizona that at the time of passage in 2010 was the broadest and strictest anti-illegal immigration measure passed in the United States.