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Top 3 Features and Advantages of a Video Intercom

As we can all observe, technology has made many significant changes in our world, benefiting all humans, animals, and plants. To obtain more details about the positive changes technology has brought for everyone, keep reading to find out. Many things were previously impossible to achieve but are now possible thanks to technology, which has also made our lives much more manageable. For instance, through technology, many people, specifically companies like Swiftlane, have generated a lot of devices that are very beneficial for humans in terms of keeping our homes, family, friends, and pets safe, protected, and much more.


One of the invented devices that Swiftlane has made is the Video intercom, a helpful Visitor and resident management System. This security device allows you to quickly and constantly monitor your home surroundings even though you are out from work. Devices like this can help you increase your security rate in your house, which is very beneficial in keeping your family safe, and protected against criminal threats, or bad people, generally keeping your family away from danger. Furthermore, this device from Swiftlane can not just help you increase your security rate at home, but it could also enhance the living experience of your family and yours as it can help you lessen your worries and problems.


If you want to experience a high quality of living with the best living experience you could ever have, here are the top 3 Capabilities and Benefits of a Video Intercom.

Easy Screening

To feel security and safety in the workplace, a company must invest in a security system that will provide complete protection from an uninvited intruder, which is a big threat. There are so many technological innovations available in the market today. Swiftlane offers one of the best video intercom systems to ensure safety. A video intercom system that is easy to use and user-friendly. Aside from this feature, it also provides easy screening of all persons entering your institution, whether staff or new clients. The video intercom system allows us to talk to their guest or visitors while showing their faces as they come. Everything is recorded for additional security and may be reviewed for verification. This video intercom system will show that only authorized access can enter and make transactions inside the facility.


The pandemic has made our lives difficult because of the lockdowns and quarantine. We were all advised to avoid and limit close contact with others, especially those who show symptoms. The pandemic limits direct communication with our clientele and visitors to prevent the spread of disease. Although the pandemic is already controlled because of the available vaccines, companies are still vigilant and practice limited face-to-face transactions. The video intercom system makes this possible and provides adequate visitor screening and general communication. The face-to-face transaction is controlled and eliminated to authorize access and entry. Due to the upgraded application and technology, it is very convenient to use. The possible admission or key can be granted just a few buttons away.

Brief Meeting

Since the video intercom system provides excellent communication thus, it may also be used to hold a brief emergency meeting on concise notice. It will help to have a proper quorum because there is no need to wait for the invited participants. After all, the conference can be conveniently started through the video intercom system. The meeting will begin even if you are inside your offices without going to the office conference room. This will help us save time and accomplish tasks immediately for proper actions.



If you want a life with fewer worries and is safe, protected, and manageable, then here is Swiftlane at your service. Through Swiftlane-invented security devices, you can quickly achieve your goals, which also has capabilities and benefits, including brief meetings, convenience, easy screening, and much more.