The accurate Clarrie Grimmett

It is fair to say that Australian cricket fans can really brag about the incredible players that they have had over the years. The online bookmaker can be visited in order to wager on the best players that regularly come from this part of the world.

A fantastic example of a highly talented player from this part of the world is Clarrie Grimmett. Although he was born in New Zealand, his parents shortly after relocated to Australia. Since he was born on the 25th of December 1891, many Australians joke that he was the best Christmas present that New Zealand ever gave to their country. The great cricket matches that regularly take place in those two countries can be wagered on the 1xBet online bookmaker, which offers lots of opportunities.

Starting a fantastic career

After relocating to the Australian city of Melbourne, Grimmett started to play professional cricket on the Victoria cricket team. However, he soon moved to Adelaide, meaning that he started to play for the South Australian cricket team. The cricket best odds can be used in order to wager on the best domestic Australian matches.

His great performances in domestic matches when playing for South Australia caught the attention of the coaches of the Australian national team. So much so that he was selected for the first time in 1925. He and his new teammates traveled to England for a tour. The 1xBet platform has the best cricket odds when it comes to wagering on the Australian and English national teams.

In general, the international career of Grimmett lasted between 1925 and 1936. Since traveling around the world was quite difficult in those years, the number of international matches played was much less than now. For this reason, he was the first player ever to reach 200 Test wickets, which was a huge achievement.

A great technique

Clarrie Grimmett was a right-handed batsman. In order to place live wagers on the best batters, there is no better place than the online bookmaker. The player truly excelled when performing as a bowler. There were some interesting things about his technique that are worth highlighting, such as:

  • he used the spin bowling technique, in fact, he was so good at it, that he was considered one of the best users of the technique at the time;
  • his technique made use of a lot of backspin, meaning that the ball could elevate unpredictably while flying;
  • also, he is credited as the developer of the flipper bowling technique.

Grimmett left an enduring legacy. In fact, many modern bowlers see him as an inspiration. The 1xBet bookmaker has the best betting chances on lots of fantastic cricket bowlers.