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Studying and running a business: Is it even doable?

Many students have to work while studying because tertiary education has never been more expensive. Accommodation fees, allowances, courses – they all require money that students often don’t have. But giving up on education isn’t an option, so students try to land part-time jobs right after they begin their studies. Some people even take a step further and kick-start a business, and so can you! Below is a comprehensive guide on launching a business and continuing your education.

Assess budget

Although the sky’s the limit and many renowned corporations have started off as garage startups, being realistic about your goals and budget is necessary. The first thing you want to do is evaluate how many resources you have and can invest in a business. For example, you will most likely need money for marketing campaigns, so it is critical to determine the amount you can funnel into this aspect. Luckily, some tasks won’t require financial resources. For instance, you can create flyers with nice free software like VistaCreate. The web page offers a good deal of free tools to make your brand appealing visually-wise.

Venture into a new schedule

There should be no denying that you need to re-approach your daily routine if you want to simultaneously study and run a business. Both activities require time, and 24 hours a day will often seem insufficient for dealing with one task, let alone two or more undertakings. Nonetheless, you can be as productive as possible, but it demands an effective strategy. To come up with one, complete the following steps:

  1. Become more organized: The sooner you understand that you don’t have time for unnecessary things, the sooner you will become more organized and productive. In plain English, don’t procrastinate when you have tasks hanging over you.
  2. Stick to the plan: Following the plan is a must, especially when torn between academia and business. A daily schedule should be your most browsed thing to reassure you that you keep up with it.
  3. Lead a calendar: Being involved in various activities equals having a lot in your mind – meetings, classes, tests, and a wide array of other things. And suffice it to say, remembering them all doesn’t seem possible. Create a habit of leading a calendar; it will make you efficacious.

Be ready to sacrifice

Hanging out with friends every other day is cool, but it will unlikely be possible if you want to combine studies and business. You should deal with being unable to do things that used to be typical. And the best thing you can do about it is to prepare mentally for such sacrifices.

Build a good rapport with instructors

Creating a brand and maintaining it doesn’t permit you to forget about your classes. Education is essential no matter what, so you need to pay close attention to it to be able to graduate. Like it or not, it’s best to build good relations with teachers as it will allow you to communicate with them, arrange individual meetings, and get suggestions on what to do to get the grade.

Switch to individual studies if possible

The availability of an individual program varies by institution, so you need to clarify whether it exists in your college first. If so, it can untie your hands and let you dive deeper into business. Although different, the concept of individual studies is that a student doesn’t attend classes with others but works independently. But again, try to get in touch with your educator to learn if this option is possible.

Don’t bite more than you can chew

As a student, you might want to do every task yourself to save resources. But it won’t be possible, especially if you have too many academic duties. Hence the last tip: don’t shy away from delegating tasks if you see that you can’t handle them both effectively and on time. It’s sometimes best to entrust them to those who have a knack for such assignments.


That’s all, folks. Running a business while studying is very much doable! The only thing you need is the seriousness of your intentions. Hopefully, these tips have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s and will help you achieve your goals.