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Should I throw the ball at the couple or announcer?

Should I throw the ball at the couple or announcer?

If you chose to throw the ball at the announcer, or let the time run out, the captive couple will meet you here and give you a piece of gear as a thanks, as the trouble you stirred up allowed them to escape. If you chose to throw it at the couple, Mr. Flambeau, the assistant of Mr.

Should you throw the ball at the couple in BioShock Infinite?

If Booker chooses to throw the ball at the duo, Flambeau appears instead and will offer Booker the piece of Gear with Fink’s compliments. If Booker chooses not to throw it before the timer runs out, neither will appear and the Gear will be inaccessible.

Who do you throw the ball at BioShock Infinite?

You can throw the ball at the announcer (option on the right).

Do decisions matter in BioShock Infinite?

Veering back on topic, Bioshock: Infinite’s decisions are false choices; they do not affect the narrative at all. Since they do not affect the end, they could still be part of the same multiverse.

How many gears are there in Bioshock Infinite?

In the main game, there are 41 different Gear items, though in a normal playthrough the player will not be able to obtain them all. Purchasing the Premium or Songbird Edition adds three more pieces of Gear (Betrayer, Bull Rush and Extra!

Is there multiple endings in BioShock Infinite?

There are no lasting differences in the game’s ending because the story is destined to end the same way regardless. Elizabeth eventually shows Booker an infinite sea of lighthouses, an ocean of doors leading to other realities. But many are portals into other versions of the same tale where Comstock is also a threat.

What happens if I spare slate?

When sparing Slate in the First Lady’s Memorial, the player can still inflict injury toward Slate’s model, yet it won’t kill him. In addition, a melee attack from a Sky-Hook will reveal the model’s head and neck is attached further from his back.

Does the bird or cage matter in BioShock?

Should I Choose the Bird or the Cage? The honest truth is that it doesn’t really matter, at least not in terms of gameplay, with more of a symbolic impact than anything mechanical.

What’s the best vigor in BioShock Infinite?

Murder of Crows This is my favorite Vigor. Murder of Crows sends out a wave of crows to stun and damage enemies.