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Should I take the metal out of my leg?

Should I take the metal out of my leg?

If the metalwork remains tender then it should be removed. Some discomfort around a healed fracture may be from the expanded and irregular shape to the bone. Many fractures will take for up to 3 years to stop aching. So why is so much metalwork removed?

Can a broken leg lead to death?

After fractures of the upper arm bone, clavicle or rib, risk of death rose by 5 percent to 10 percent, and by 3 percent for a lower-leg break. With an upper- or lower-leg break, a small but statistically meaningful risk persisted for five years, the researchers found.

What is the hardest bone to break in your leg?

Your thighbone (femur) is the longest and strongest bone in your body. Because the femur is so strong, it usually takes a lot of force to break it. Motor vehicle collisions, for example, are the number one cause of femur fractures. The long, straight part of the femur is called the femoral shaft.

When should a leg rod be removed?

Once the bone has fully healed, the rod/nail no longer serves a purpose and may be removed. This is typically done a year after the original surgery and can be an outpatient procedure (i.e., the patient does not stay in the hospital overnight after surgery).

How long does a rod stay in your leg?

“Once the bone or the joint has healed, you don’t absolutely need it in there. It’s just a matter of what someone wants to go through.” After a full 18 months with a rod in my leg, the bone is 100-percent healed and ready to take its typical beating.

Can you lose your leg from a broken leg?

Further, if a broken bone is not set right, a serious infection called osteomyelitis can set in, which can potentially require amputation of the limb simply as the result of a fracture.

When is a leg broken?

A broken bone in your leg may produce pain in your knee or ankle. Poor or delayed healing. A severe leg fracture may not heal quickly or completely. This is particularly common in an open fracture of your tibia because of lower blood flow to this bone.

Can you break your leg and still walk?

Sometimes, a really bad complete fracture will not be able to carry weight or otherwise function properly. Most of the time, however, fractures can indeed support weight. The patient can probably even walk on a broken leg—it just hurts like the dickens.

Can a rod in your leg break?

After all, a metal rod won’t break like my bones — it will just rend through the muscle and skin. Of course, all this gruesomeness depends on another nasty break, which I will try to avoid at all costs.

When did they put the metal rod in my leg?

In Dec 2017 I was hit by the car, had tibia and fibula fractures in my left leg and to fix the bone together the surgeons operated and put a metal rod in my left leg. After a the plaster removed I noted that I could not straght my leg and with lots of pain…

How long does it take for broken leg metal rod to heal?

In getting older = 64 y.o. now within the past couple of years thereabouts pain is reaccuring more & more , causing pain also in my hips and other leg . t heal properly and after six months a rod was inserted. After a year I was back to playing tennis, golf, etc. I had it x-rayed about 1 year ago after a spell of aching.

When to call 911 for a broken leg?

Call 911 if you have chest pain or trouble breathing. You may need surgery if you have a fracture of your lower leg that is open, very displaced, or comminuted. The surgery usually involves metal plates or a rod placed through the bone.

How long does it take for a broken leg to heal?

Hi, broken bones take a varying amount of time to heal, mostly depending upon the type of bone broken, the age of the person, and the way in which the bone is broken. Larger broken bones, for example the bones in the thigh, or both bones of leg would take a great deal longer to heal]