Should I read books for GATE?

Should I read books for GATE?

Gate is a concept based exam and requires being clear with the concepts and their application. Reading standard books will help only if you read the topics that are required based on the syllabus of the exam. Also you must make notes of what you are reading so that you can easily revise before the exam.

How much marks should I score in GATE to get into IIT?

For admission into top IITs, the student must score a GATE rank below 200. However, the students having a rank in the range of 600-800 can also get admission into IITs and IIITs. For admission into leading NITs, the students should score a GATE rank in 350-800 range.

Are there any free gate books for EEE students?

Here at AskVenkat, we providing Free Gate Books for EEE students. These books will definitely useful to most of the students who were prepared for Competitive exams. Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that for the most part manages the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

Which is the best gate book for electrical engineering?

Complete List of Important Books for GATE EE – GATE Study Material for Electrical Engineering. Electrical Machines by I J Nagrath, D P Kothari. Electrical power systems by C. L. Wadhwa.

When to start preparing for the GATE exam?

The GATE exam is all about understanding concepts and application in problem solving. You must start your preparation as early as possible. The major topics are covered in engineering colleges between 3rd and 6th semester. So pay attention to your Electrical Engineering college classroom notes.

When to follow books to crack the gate?

If you follow books then it would be extremely hard for you to complete syllabus in limited time span but you must complete your syllabus once 1–2 months prior the GATE exam so that you can attempt ‘Test Series” seriously. Again a reminder – Go for books only when you are not able to gain a concept.