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Pre-Marriage Medical Test in Dubai

Pre-Marriage Medical Test in Dubai

Pre-Marriage Medical Test in Dubai

Different countries have different requirements for citizens who want to get married. If in such countries as Georgia, the requirements for the wedding are minimal, and you can collect the necessary documents and get married within one day, there are countries where you have to go through a real quest to get married.

One state that has a very specific list of necessary documents is the Arab Emirates. Of course, it is worth noting that this also applies to some other Islamic countries, but the most attractive to tourists and ex-pats in the last decade is still the UAE.

Such interest in the Emirates and, of course, Dubai is connected with its unique architecture and the increasing economic and business processes. Dubai, in many ways, is becoming one of the world’s business capitals.

Living in the kingdom for couples is associated with certain inconveniences, such as the restriction of displays of affection in public, certain dress codes for women, the regulation of their behavior, as well as the rules regarding cohabitation. According to local law, a man and a woman can only live under the same roof if they are legally married.

If you are not married, there are four ways to solve this problem:

  • Get married at your country’s embassy.
  • Register your marriage in a church. UAE law recognizes several religions, including Christianity.
  • Get married in your home country before you move to Dubai.
  • Get married in a country with more favorable legislation while already living in the Emirates. For instance, in Georgia.

Marriage in Dubai for foreigners. What do I need to get married in Dubai?

If you want to get married at the embassy, you need to ask them for a list of necessary documents. It may be different for each country.

A church wedding also involves going through the necessary regulations. For example, in Catholic churches, a frequent requirement is to attend a course of lectures on the essence and value of marriage.

In addition, you may be required to undergo pre-marital medical testing.

What is pre-marital medical testing?

Pre-marital medical testing is mostly for Emirati citizens who are entering into a traditional Islamic marriage.

The tests are tests of both partners for several diseases. They deal with genetics and diseases that can be betrayed by the partner or the child.

A pre-marriage screening test may include the following:

  • A blood count (CBC).
  • Blood type (ABO and Rh group)
  • Hb variant testing (thalassemia, sickle cell anemia).
  • G6FD.
  • Venereal diseases:
    • HIV.
    • Hepatitis B.
    • Hepatitis C.
    • Syphilis.
    • Other STDs (such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc.).

Another testing may include:

  • Fertility testing (ability to have healthy children) of both partners.
  • Analysis to detect abnormalities in the number and structure of DNA chromosomes.

Why is a pre-marital screening test necessary?

The study addresses several areas at once. First and foremost, of course, it is about the health of spouses and their future children, but in addition, the government is thus trying to reduce the number of children and future adult citizens with diseases of various spectrums and reduce the burden and the health care system of the state.

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What are the risks of poor pre-marital screening test results in Dubai?

If the results of the pre-marital screening test show that one of the partners has been found to have a disease, it is their responsibility to inform their partner.

The state has no right to forbid you to get married, but you must sign a document confirming that you are both informed about the risks and possible health consequences of your marriage for each other and your future children.

The doctor must also talk to you and explain all the possible dangers in detail.

Pre-marital screening can cause one of you to refuse to get married.

If you do not want to undergo such tests before getting married, we recommend that you consider getting married in another country.

You can get married without a medical examination in 24 hours in Georgia, to find out more information, you can contact the manager of the wedding agency «Shu Wedding».