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Latest Slot Game Features for Gamblers to Learn

The slot machine is a fantastic game because game developers do not run out of new ways to make it exciting. For example, there is a Megaways Casino, where you can win hundreds of thousands of ways.

Today, let us talk about the latest developments in the casino games industry. This way, you will see some new trends and technologies, particularly features, that you may have not seen before.


Megaways is not exactly a new feature, but it is only now that we are seeing it more often in slot machines. Megaways is a trademark and patent by Big Time Gaming. It is a kind of slot machine that offers hundreds of thousands of paylines.

Typically, a player has to trigger the Megaways to happen. Some variants include:

  • A sixth reel will appear, increasing the potential possible winning lines.
  • The structure of pay lines will change, making it possible for a player to win in many ways.

Usually, Megaways slots allow players to win in any of the 200,000 plus pay lines in the game. When the Megaways are triggered, the player now has more chances. What makes some Megaways slots interesting is that the number of payline cans changes every round.

The usual slot game only has three or five reels. Because of this arrangement, the game developer can only give the player a maximum of 243 ways to win, or 243 paylines. With Megaways, a slot machine can have up to at least 117,649 ways to win.

Many years ago, it was only Big Time Gaming that had the license to create slots like this. Now, many game developers can use it because Big Time Gaming licenses this patent to game developers.

Interactive Features

Interactive features in the slot machine refer to those where you get to click something or participate in the game other than clicking the spin button.

Here are some examples:

  • Gamble feature,
  • Pick Me feature,
  • Shooting feature.

A gamble feature is one where, after winning a slot spin or round, you get to have the option to gamble whether you’re winning or not. If you choose to gamble, the slot will show you a game where you must make a guess. If your guess is right, you double your win. If your guess is wrong, you lose what you won in the last round.

Usually, slots offer the player two card suits, like hearts and diamonds. The player’s task now is to guess which suit would appear. As such, the chance to win is 50%.

The Pick Me or Shooting feature is a bonus interactive game where the player sees a lot of things on the screen, like targets. His job now is to shoot or pick three of these. If they are lucky, they get mystery prizes.

Blockchain Slots

Blockchain slots are new ones where the player can bet cryptocurrency. Before the advent of digital coins, people could only wager real cash in slot machines. As banks began to crack down on gambling, more and more players could no longer deposit money in casinos.

The solution is to accept cryptocurrency. It is a workaround so players can buy crypto, deposit that crypto in a casino, and then play slot machines.

Some casinos accept crypto, but they will pay you in cash. Other casinos, however, made it possible for players to wager in real cryptocurrency, which they call tokens. Then, the player can swap these tokens for cash later on.

Wild Symbol Variation

The wild symbol is one of the best things that happened in the slot machine. The wild acts as a substitute for a missing symbol, which makes it possible to make a winning combination even in the absence of the symbol you need.

Today, the wild symbol has taken more functions than it originally did. Here are some examples:

  • Walking Wild – the wild moves to the next reel at every spin until it disappears.
  • Expanding Wild – the wild symbol expands and covers an entire reel instead of only one slot in the grid.
  • Sticky Wild – the wild symbol would stick for a time, like for the next five spins. Then, it will disappear.

You cannot have all these wild symbols in one game. Typically, the game can only execute one type of wild symbol at any given time. Nevertheless, the wild symbol still makes it possible to increase your winning odds.

Slot machines are always evolving, and it is why slots are great for gamblers because there is always something new. Just take note that slots are games of chance, which means that you have no degree of control over the outcome. In essence, it is not blackjack or poker where your gaming skills have an impact on the outcome of the game.