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Is there a reopening process for a traffic ticket?

Is there a reopening process for a traffic ticket?

OTT offers a free opportunity to discuss your case and advise you on the best process to resolve your traffic ticket issue. The process of applying for a reopening begins with the driver completing a reopening application and delivering it in person at the court where the conviction was registered.

How to fight your traffic violation in court?

Some jurisdictions require a written notice be sent to the Clerk of the Court’s office outlining how you plan on handling your citation. Your options may be to request a court hearing, attend traffic school or submit an affidavit of compliance for cases involving safety equipment violations or “fix-it” tickets.

What happens if you go to traffic court unprepared?

To put it bluntly, being unprepared will kill your chances of getting a favorable plea bargain and winning your case. If you are in NYC, your case will likely go to trial since there is no way to negotiate.

What happens if you get a traffic ticket wrong?

If you have been wrongly convicted of your traffic ticket you can apply to the court to reopen your case to correct the situation. There are usually two (2) situations where the driver may want to consider an appeal or a reopening. The court office made an error and the driver was convicted of the ticket.

What happens if you contest a traffic ticket in court?

If you go to court, on the other hand, you’ve got a chance of getting the judge to reduce your fine or beating the ticket. But the court option doesn’t appeal to many drivers because it means investing time and energy, and possibly missing work or school.

Do you have to make an opening statement in traffic court?

In many courts, the judge will assume you don’t want to make an opening statement and simply ask the prosecutor or police officer to begin their presentation. At this point you will normally want to say, “Your Honor, I would like to reserve the right to make a very brief opening statement until just before I testify.”

How much does it cost to reopen a traffic ticket?

You will be required to pay a reopening fee of $60 to the Clerk of the Court where the ticket was issued, in addition to the original amount due. You may also be required to pay a fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles to have your driver’s license reinstated.

What happens at the end of a traffic court case?

At the end of your trial, the judge will either find you guilty or not guilty. A not-guilty verdict means you beat the ticket—for most purposes, it’s like you never got the citation in the first place. If, on the other hand, the court finds you guilty, the violation will go on your driving record and you’ll likely have to pay a fine.