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Is Taiyou no Ie completed?

Is Taiyou no Ie completed?

House of the Sun (Japanese: たいようのいえ, Hepburn: Taiyō no Ie) is a Japanese slice of life romance shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Ta’amo, serialized by Kodansha in Dessert magazine. The series has completed with 13 volumes. The manga has been licensed for an English digital release by Kodansha USA.

How old is Hiro in Taiyou?


Nakamura Hiro
Age 24
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown

Is House of the Sun manga good?

Overall I give House of the Sun a 9 out of 10; it’s an amazing manga that was a lot more mature than I thought it would be. Its got its cliches but that doesn’t make it bad; the story is deep and really knows it’s themes well.

Where can I read House of the Sun?

House of the Sun- Volume 1 – House of the Sun 1 – Taamo – to read online on izneo or download on your iOS and Android tablet or smartphone.

How old is Mao in Taiyou no Ie?


Motomiya Mao
Age 17
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye Color Brown

Who does Mao end up with?

Mao Zedong was born in 1893 to a peasant family. He left his family’s farm at age 16 to pursue his education, abandoning an arranged marriage. In 1920 he married Yang Kaihui, who was later killed during the Chinese civil war. Shortly afterward Mao married He Zizhen, with whom he’d already been living for several years.

What chapter does Hiro and Mao get together?

Chapter 32
Hiro eventually realizes his true feelings for Mao when he gets jealous (when Daiki confessed his love for Mao). In Chapter 32, Hiro and Mao both share a kiss. Hiro tells Mao that he will eventually be the one to confess his feelings to Mao.

Is Taiyou no Ie good?

Rating: 8,5/10 Taiyou no Ie is a heart-warming love story, filled with sweet moments, insecurity and complications along the way. I’d say the award this manga received in 2014 was well-deserved. The characters in this story are relatable and their situations are enthralling.

Will Mao get an anime?

Though her latest manga series Mao has yet to receive an anime adaptation, with one being confirmed to be in the works last year, fans of the creator in the West will be able to read the story as the manga is set to arrive stateside later this month.

Is Mao related to Inuyasha?

Mao – a manga series written and illustrated by the creator Rumiko Takahashi – is now available has been released in English through Viz Media.

How tall is Mao from Taiyou no Ie?


Motomiya Mao
Hair color Black
Eye Color Brown
Other Information
Height 4″11