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Is Misha and Irish sisters?

Is Misha and Irish sisters?

The group was originally a quartet with three sisters, twins Irish and Orish Grinstead (born June 2, 1980), LeMisha ‘Misha’ Grinstead (born June 10, 1978) and their cousin Amelia Childs whom featured on Subway’s hit single “This Lil’ Game We Play”.

How old is lamesha 702?

43 years (June 10, 1978)
LeMisha Grinstead/Age

Who died from the Group 702?

Orish Grinstead
Orish Grinstead, a founding member of the R&B group 702, died of kidney failure Sunday in her Las Vegas home. Grinstead was 27 years old. Grinstead also suffered from other medical complication…

Why did Orish leave 702?

Amelia and Orish were removed from the group due to Mike Bivins not favoring their voices and were briefly replaced by classmates Tiffany Villarreal and Kameelah Williams. After six months before their debut single was released Tiffany would depart the group.

How old is Nivea?

39 years (March 24, 1982)

Who is Misha from 702 married to?

Her posts have since been deleted, along with one from January in which she celebrated her 20th anniversary with husband Tony Fields.

What happened to the girls of 702?

Orish Grinstead, a founding member of girl trio 702, reportedly died of kidney failure Sunday (April 20) in her Las Vegas home. Orish later dropped out of the group and was replaced by their sisters’ good friend, Kameelah Williams. …

Who discovered the group 702?

702 was discovered by Michael Bivins of New Edition and made their recorded debut on Subway’s hit single “This Lil’ Game We Play”. Missy Elliott wrote and co-produced four songs from their first album, No Doubt, including “Steelo”.

Who was 702 signed to?

Biv 10 Records
MotownHollywood Records
702/Record labels

4. The Big Leagues: Motown Records. 702 first signed to Biv 10 Records and Motown through a joint venture deal. The group released three studio albums; No Doubt (1996), 702 (1998), and Star (2003) and experienced the type of commercial success that made them a household name in the ’90s and early 2000s.

Who was cherish?

Cherish is an American music production and songwriting duo consisting of twins Felisha and Fallon King (bornJune 5, 1988). The group originally included their older sisters Farrah and Neosha King but both have since departed the group….Cherish (group)

Members Fallon King Felisha King
Past members Farrah King Neosha Lawrence