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Is it safe to sell a motorhome on the open market?

Is it safe to sell a motorhome on the open market?

Don has been an avid traveler and motorhome owner for most of his life and he shares his experiences along with valuable tips for RV owners. A ten year UPDATE! I wrote this article a few years ago; but I must tell you that you should be very careful if you try to sell your motorhome in the open market on your own.

What do you need to know about buying a motorhome?

Here, information provided by the selling company about itself, or the services it offers, either in writing or verbally, are regarded as part of the selling contract if the consumer takes these facts into account when deciding whether to enter buy the motorhome.

When to demand a refund on a motorhome?

The changes include having 30 days to completely reject a purchase and demand a refund if it is found to be poor quality, not fit the purpose it was described for or if it doesn’t match the description given. The key points cover four areas: Supply of goods, consumer options, deductions for use and supply of services.

How to sell your RV on the web?

Because the market for RVs is a lot smaller and more specialized than the automobile market, you need to present your rig or camper on the web or in magazines in the most favorable light possible in order to capture the interest of this limited range of potential buyers. I listed my rig on a couple of the most popular RV sales sites.

Do you have to wire money to buy an RV?

Someone contacts you and offers to purchase your unit, sight unseen. Just send them your basic info along with your bank routing number, and they’ll send you the money. However, you have to wire them $500 to pay the local RV dealer who ships worldwide to ship your unit to them with all paperwork done.

Which is the best place to sell a motorhome?

They will sell your RV at the highest price of anyone else. They will sell your RV faster than anyone else. And they guarantee yu a quick sale if you list it properly. These listing buzzards are out there with their nicely designed web stores, filled with other motorhomes people want to sell.

What do you need to know about selling a RV?

You need to make sure that there actually is an RV for sale, that the person who is selling it owns it (ask to see the title) and that it is good condition. Never, ever give any money to a seller without going with him to the DMV to pay him and change the title over to your name.

Do you need an email address to buy an RV?

Someone places a fake ad online offering to buy RVs. When you fill out the contact information form, they’ve got you. All they need is a legitimate email address and phone number. They sell your information as part of an email list to other scammers and make money doing so.