How to insert an excerpt into a confluence document?

How to insert an excerpt into a confluence document?

From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros. Choose Excerpt from the Confluence content category. Choose Insert . Enter your text into the macro body. You can then publish your page to see the macro in action. Screenshot: the Excerpt macro in the editor, containing a short project summary.

How to add an excerpt to a page?

You can only define one excerpt per page. In other words, you can only add the Excerpt macro once to a page. Speed it up with autocomplete: Type { and the beginning of the macro name, to see a list of suggested macros. In this example we’re inserting the cheese macro. To edit an existing macro: Click the macro placeholder and choose Edit.

When to use excerpt include or children display?

When the info is updated in the excerpt, it will flow though to all the other places it is used. This is a two-step macro. Once you’ve added the Excerpt macro to one page, use the Excerpt Include , Children Display , or Blog Posts macro to display the contents of that excerpt on another page.

Can you have more than one excerpt in word?

You can only have one excerpt per page. If you add more than one excerpt macro to a page, only the first one will be used by these macros. You can choose to position the except on its own line, or inline with the surrounding text.

What should be included in an excerpt of record?

To understand what documents must be included in your excerpt of record and how to organize it, read Appellate Rule 210(c) Clerk’s Instructions for Preparation of Excerpts(See Appendix near the end of the list of Appellate Rules) Make sure to follow all requirements for excerpt of record formatting.

Can you file a supplemental excerpt of record with a reply brief?

The appelleemay file a different excerpt of record with the response briefif the appellant’s excerpt didn’t include all the required documents. The appellant may file a “supplemental” excerpt of record with the reply briefonly to include relevant documents that the other excerpts didn’t include.

How does the appellant prepare the excerpt of record?

The appellantand appelleeeach prepare an “excerpt of record.” Each partyselects the most important documents in a case and puts them together in one booklet called the excerpt of record. The excerpt is supposed to highlight the most important documents in a form that is easy for the Supreme Courtto use.

Can a reply brief include an excerpt from a superior court case?

The appellant may file an excerpt of record with the reply brief called a “supplemental excerpt.” This is only necessary if the previous excerpts do not contain all the relevant documents from the Superior Court case to support your arguments. Do not include parts of the record that appear in another excerpt filed in the appeal.