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How to find the right car for you at TrueCar?

How to find the right car for you at TrueCar?

Go Research. Compare. Find What’s Right for You. Use our extensive database to research and compare trims, photos, and reviews for every make and model, so you can find the car that fits your life. At TrueCar, you’re in charge of the process from start to finish. Here’s how.

What’s the best way to check your car history?

Devote your attention to one car instead of several cars on the lot. Talk to the salesperson about the vehicle and your financing options. Take the car for a test drive. Have the car looked over by a trusted mechanic. Request that the dealership pay for the VHR. Dealerships often subscribe to a VHR service.

Do you get car inspection when buying used car?

When you buy a used car, it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re getting. With the pre-purchase checks in our Vehicle Inspection, you can see whether a car’s in good order before you buy. Plus, if you’re already a Member, you’ll get 10% off your vehicle inspection with your membership.

How to check the VIN of a car for free?

The NICB offers a free VIN check, which offers information about the car’s history based on the Vehicle Identification Number. For example, you can use this service to find out if your car has ever been reported stolen or reported as a salvage vehicle. 2 Navigate to the “VIN Check” page.

How can I find out the truth about a car?

This means all you need is a VIN number to find the truth about any vehicle. VIN Information is public record so anyone with an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone can access this information instantly.

What does a vehicle check tell you about a car?

A Vehicle Check tells you about. Key information. Reported stolen. Outstanding finance. Written off. Scrapped. Plate changes. Number of previous owners.

Can you check the history of a car for free?

The 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is like a secret password to a car’s past. It can unlock information on where it’s been, what it’s done, and how it’s been used – and sometimes you can check a vehicle’s history for free.

Where do you go to inspect a car before buying it?

Inspections done by your local mechanic, or the service department of a dealership that sells that brand of car, are performed with more specialized equipment. For example, the inspector can put the car up on a lift and examine the underside for damage, fluid leaks and other irregularities. Buying From a Distance