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How to Choose Cannabis Seeds for Healthy Plants

Want a good cannabis crop? Start by choosing quality seeds for this. Quality seed ensures a healthy and robust plant with the necessary ingredients. To select quality seeds, you need to know several secrets. By the way, you can buy seeds or grow your own. You must have both female and male plants and control all stages for this. With seeds, everything is much easier: you can simply visit the Herbies store, find the desired varieties there, and buy feminized weed seeds you like.

Which seeds are better: regular, feminized, or auto-flowering?

Hemp seeds can be of three types:

  • regular
  • feminized
  • auto-flowering

The choice between these options depends on your needs and circumstances. Let’s take a look at the features of each to decide which is best for you.

Features of ordinary seeds

Common seeds contain both male and female plants. These varieties are usually cheaper, but you should filter out the male plants either way. It means that you will need to carefully monitor the growth of the plants and remove the males that can contaminate the crop with pollen and prevent you from achieving the maximum yield.

Features of feminized seeds

Although the seeds are more expensive than ordinary ones, they have obvious advantages in the form of good productivity. Moreover, you don’t have to spend time and resources growing male plants.

Feminized seeds are obtained through genetic manipulation, where the male gene is removed from the equation, resulting in a female plant. Such planting material guarantees that the plants that grow from these seeds will be female. It is beneficial for growing cannabis for flower production, as it is the female plants that have the highest concentration of cannabinoids, which ensures a high-quality product.

Autoflowering seeds: features

It is a hybrid form that starts flowering automatically without changing the light cycle. Autoflowering plants have smaller bud sizes and smaller yields, but they also tend to grow faster. They are highly resistant to pests and diseases.

How to identify healthy seeds that will give a good harvest?

To grow healthy marijuana plants, it is essential to start with healthy seeds. Healthy seeds are dark brown or black. Green-colored seeds are not recommended, as they are usually not mature enough to germinate. But the size of the seed is not an indicator of the future yield.

How to choose a quality variety for a good harvest?

If you decide to buy seeds, it is better to start with cheaper varieties. Proven and established options can be potent, and new, complex, and expensive hybrid types are more challenging to grow. But first, consider your needs. Before selecting the seeds, understand for what purposes you want to grow cannabis. If you’re considering marijuana as a medicinal product, you need high-CBD strains. If you want to feel a stronger effect, pay attention to varieties with a high THC content.

Here are some more important selection criteria

  • Determine what growing parameters you can provide, such as climate conditions, light source availability, container size, and type, growing experience level, etc.
  • Pay attention to the appearance of the seed — it should be whole, smooth, and uniform.
  • Try different varieties to find the best one for your needs.

Feel free to experiment with growing schemes, technologies, and methods to grow quality cannabis and get the maximum yield.