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How old was I when I got divorced?

How old was I when I got divorced?

I got divorced when I was just 40. I say “just” because I don’t think I’m old. And I’m not. But I’m not young either, which as a single woman, sometimes makes me feel like I live in a divorced no man’s land—literally. By no man, though, I don’t mean there aren’t any men. God knows there are plenty.

How long do single moms have to be single?

I have to, at least for the time being, consider the possibility I may be single for the next nine or so years until my youngest child goes off to college. When he does, my world will open up to more potential partners—men who, admittedly, only want the woman and not her so-called baggage.

Is it worth trying to date as a 41 year old single mom?

Is It Worth Trying To Date As A 41-Year-Old Single Mom? My online dating profile. And so it beckons. I got divorced when I was just 40.

Is it OK to be single in my 40’S?

Until that one special person reveals himself, that person who acknowledges I am a package deal, and loves me even more because of it, here I will remain. Alone. And I’m OK with that, even better off because of it, content with the idea that someday I will have it all, even though I may not have it all at once.

Is it possible to date a single mom?

Moms are human women just like other human women! Single moms do face a lot of societal pressure to martyr themselves for their children, to shield their kids from any man they date — as well as remarry ASAP. That said, more moms than ever are dating freely and confidently, as well as paying their own bills.

Can a 18 year old have a divorce?

While younger siblings are still firmly bound to the visitation schedule and other aspects of the divorce, an 18-year-old may resist the typical back-and-forth between homes and no longer wish to be caught up in divorce drama.

What should you not say to a single mom?

But there are some things that you just do not say to a single mom on a first date, assuming you’re angling for a second. “You look great for a mom.” That. Never say that. Don’t ask to come over when her kid are asleep. Just don’t. “That’s great your mom lives in town so you can leave your kids with her on weekends.”

Are there any financial assistance for single moms?

Here are programs for financial assistance for single moms across a variety of categories. Without insurance one trip to the emergency room can be enough to break you. Before I got divorced my ex-husband had needed emergency treatment which included a helicopter transport and a three day hospital stay.