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How much does a Vermont Castings Defiant weight?

How much does a Vermont Castings Defiant weight?

485 lbs.
Weight 485 lbs. Unit Depth 21 1/2 in. Unit Height 28 1/2 in. Unit Width 31 in.

How long do Vermont Castings stoves last?

He urges wood stove owners to follow the routine maintenance suggested in their owner’s guide, and also to hire a professional sweep every spring. “That’s a good time to have an evaluation completed,” he says. The average life of a wood-burning stove is 10 to 20 years.

How much does a defiant wood stove weigh?


Heat Output Up to 56,000 BTU/hr
Unique Features Certified to 2020 EPA emissions standards, Thermostatically Controlled Combustion, Mobile Home Approved
Circulating Fan Heat Activated Fan Kit Optional
Dimensions 25 3/4″ x 27″ x 22 3/4″ (H x W x D)
Weight 485 lbs.

Is Vermont Castings a good gas stove?

VC made a decent gas stove when i sold them a few years ago. There burner technology was cutting edge (most have caught up to them) and there castings were very well done. There gas stoves sold well and i have very few serivice issues with them.

Did Vermont Castings go out of business?

Vermont Castings’ Randolph foundry will be the company’s sole Vermont facility once a Bethel assembly plant closes. But company president Ricardo Leon says Vermont Castings’ fortunes are improving. For years, Vermont Castings has been passed from owner to owner and the results have not been good.

How much do cast iron wood stoves weigh?

The weight itself will differ according to the manufacturer or the model, but the general mass can start at around 300 pounds and can go up to 800 pounds, or even higher. Even if you have a couple of helping hands from your friends, these large items will still be challenging to move.

Do woodstoves wear out?

Wood stoves can last a long time, typically 10-20 years depending on the build quality of the stove. The main components that can wear out more quickly than others include the baffle plate and the door gasket, both of which can typically be replaced as and when required without too much hassle.

Where are Vermont Castings stoves made?

Randolph, Vermont
The Vermont Castings foundry in Randolph, Vermont (pop. 5,009) is the only cast-iron foundry in the hearth industry. There, parts are cast then trucked eight miles away to Bethel, Vermont (pop. 2,030) where assembly takes place; it’s also where the Vermont Castings line of grills is manufactured.

Is Vermont Castings made in China?

The cast iron parts of those high-end barbecue units had been made in Randolph and shipped for assembly to CFM plant in Canada, but the entire manufacturing line was moved to China.

Where is Vermont Castings made?

Where are Vermont Castings stoves manufactured?

Who owns Vermont Castings now?

Monessen Hearth Systems Co
Vermont Castings/Parent organizations

What kind of parts do Vermont Castings use?

Vermont Castings Defiant Wood Stove Parts. We carry a large variety of Vermont Castings wood stove replacement parts including gaskets, glass, handles and touch up paint for models such as the Defiant, Encore, Resolute Acclaim, Intrepid, Vigilant and Dutch West.

How much does a defiant wood burning stove cost?

Defiant Wood Burning Stove Starting at $3,880 Encore Wood Burning Stove Starting at $3,339

How big is a Vermont Castings defiant gasket?

Vermont Casting Gasket Kit Kit includes: 4 ft of 5/16″ Wire Mesh Gasket (for griddle) (RT-399S) 12 ft of 5/16″ door gasket (RT-312N) 5 ft of 3/16″… Replacement black maple damper handle. Measurements: 2 3/4″ Long # 1600664 Replacement maple wood knob for griddle handles. Fits multiple models: see compatible Part Number: 1600661

What makes a Vermont cast iron stove so good?

We assure you that your cast-iron Vermont Castings stove has been made with the utmost care and will provide you with many years of service. As you become acquainted with your new stove, you will findthat its appearance is matched by its functionality, due to cast iron’s unique ability to absorb and radiate heat.