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How many volumes of mushishi manga are there?

How many volumes of mushishi manga are there?


Magazine Afternoon Season Zōkan (1999–2002) Monthly Afternoon (2002–2008)
Demographic Seinen
Original run November 1999 – August 25, 2008
Volumes 10

Where can I read mushishi?

Mushishi- Volume 1 – Mushishi 1 – Yuki Urushibara – to read online on izneo or download on your iOS and Android tablet or smartphone.

Does mushishi anime cover the manga?

This is a list of episodes for the Mushi-Shi anime series. The first half of the second series ended on June 21, 2014. The remainder of the series aired during the fall, preceded by a special episode, “Path of Thorns”, which covers the two-chapter final story of volume 7 of the manga.

What is Mushishi based on?

Mushishi (Japanese: 蟲師), also known in English as Mushi-Shi: The Movie and Bugmaster, is a 2006 Japanese fantasy film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, based on the manga of the same name. It stars Joe Odagiri as Ginko, a traveler who dedicates himself to protecting the populace from supernatural creatures called Mushi.

Will mushishi be reprinted?

Kodansha Manga on Twitter: “We are releasing a digital-only reissue of the acclaimed Mushishi manga, later this year!”

How old is Ginko in Mushishi?

10 year-old
Personality. 10 year-old Yoki (Ginko) Ginko comes off as a rather laid-back type, but he can be serious when the need arises, such as in a situation involving Mushi.

What is the most popular manga ever?

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  • Dragon Ball. Dragon ball was first released in the weekly shonen jump and continued till 1995.
  • One Piece. One Piece is the undisputed manga leader in terms of sold copies.

Who are the Mushi and what do they do?

Mushi (which also means “Bug” in Japanese) are a third category of life, separate from plants and animals. Invisible to the eye, they are responsible for what many people perceive as supernatural phenomena.

When does Mushishi Vol.1 come out?

I also HIGHLY recommend the anime ( Mushishi, Vol. 1 ), which will be released starting in late July. It is one of the most entrancing shows I have ever seen. Amazing stories, beautifully written, and graceful/sophisticated development through each scenario.

Who is the Mushishi in The Twilight Zone?

In an ethereal, Twilight Zone-esque series of episodes, Mishi-master Ginko (also known as a Mushishi, thus, the title), investigates the impact that creatures, known as mishi and which invisibly co-exist with our world, have on us.

Who is Ginko in the Mushishi series?

Ginko is a Mushishi, a medicine man for those affected by mushi, and roams around the Japanese country side helping others. The mushi themselves are not portrayed as being malevolent, but rather as a natural part of the world. Many (if not all, I’m no expert) of the stories are plays on Japanese folklore.