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How many playable characters are in FFX?

How many playable characters are in FFX?

There are seven main playable characters in Final Fantasy X starting with Tidus, a skilled blitzball player from Zanarkand who is lost in the world of Spira after an encounter with an enormous creature called Sin and searches for a way home.

Is Tidus alive in x2?

He is also an unlockable character as Star Player, a blitzball player. In Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission (the game’s updated version), Tidus is a playable character for battles. An extra episode, set after the original game’s play-through, reveals that he is living in Besaid with Yuna.

How old is everyone in FFX?

Player characters

Age 23
Race Human
Occupation Blitzball Player, Guardian
Hometown Besaid

How many chapters is there in Final Fantasy 15?

Final Fantasy XV’s story consists of 14 chapters and a prologue, along with a fifteenth to allow players to go back and complete side quests they may have skipped over. The story drops players into the role of Noctis, Prince of Insomnia and the “chosen one” of prophecy.

Why is Tidus a dream?

Tidus is told that he, Jecht and the Zanarkand they come from, are dreams of the fayth, ordered into existence after the original Zanarkand was destroyed. The fayth want Tidus to defeat Sin permanently so they can cease their dreaming, but if he succeeds, the dream will end and Tidus himself will disappear.

Are there any playable characters in Final Fantasy?

In the Final Fantasy series, the player is usually given a large cast of playable characters, but can only control a few at a time. There are no predefined playable characters. Instead, the player creates and names their own party of characters, selecting each character’s job class from the following options:

Where does Final Fantasy X 2 take place?

The game takes place in the fictional universe of Spira that features multiple tribes. The game’s sequel released in 2003, Final Fantasy X-2, takes place two years after the events in Final Fantasy X and uses new and returning characters.

Who is Auron in Final Fantasy X 2?

Auron has a brief appearance in Final Fantasy X-2, where his voice helps Yuna during her battle in the Farplane with Vegnagun. The updated International version added Auron both as a boss and as an optional playable character.

How old is Paine from Final Fantasy X?

Paine (パイン, Pain) is an 18-year-old girl and a protagonist of Final Fantasy X-2. While Final Fantasy X characters Yuna and Rikku were planned as stars of X-2, she was created for X-2.