How many people can live in an apartment with one tenant?

How many people can live in an apartment with one tenant?

So, if there is only one tenant on the lease, the tenant, the tenant’s immediate family, one additional occupant, and the dependent children of the additional occupant are allowed to live in that apartment so long as it is the tenant’s (or the tenant’s spouse’s) primary residence.

What can I do if I signed a lease with 3 people and one of?

Ask a lawyer – it’s free! Unfortunately, you and your roommates are each responsible for the whole rent. The landlord can pursue colleciton from any of you and, since the third girl took off, the landlord is most likley to look to you and your remaining roommate.

What happens if there is more than one tenant on a lease?

If there is more than one tenant on the lease…. Any residential lease signed by two or more tenants permits occupancy of: the tenants, the tenants’ immediate family, occupants (i.e., an unrelated person not named on the lease), and the dependent children of those occupants.

Can you have more than one roommate on a lease?

In the unlikely event that maximum occupancy is enforced, it is most often due to a complaint from a neighbor. According to the New York Times, the violation is usually only written up if it’s accompanied by a host of others. If there is one tenant on the lease…

How many people can live in one apartment?

State and local health and safety codes set maximum limits on the number of tenants that can legally reside in a given property (based purely on the size of the unit and number of bedrooms and bathrooms).

What happens when one person leaves a lease?

When one person leaves a rental unit midway through the lease, it can put the other people on the lease in a bind. Because a lease is a written contract, the landlord can enforce it in court to get the remaining balance owed on the rental unit. Lease Terms.

Do you have to be on the lease for an apartment?

Landlords will have to make the personal decision on what standards to set for adult children.

Can a family live in a one bedroom apartment?

But if the occupancy policy limits the number of tenants for any reason other than health, safety, and legitimate business needs, the landlord could be at risk of violating the Fair Housing Act which allows families to live in even one bedroom or studio apartments.