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How long does the discovery phase last in a lawsuit?

How long does the discovery phase last in a lawsuit?

Once a personal injury lawsuit gets underway, the discovery process will last at least a few months and usually several months longer. In a large, complex case, it can go on for a year or more.

Can a criminal case be brought in a civil court?

Civil law cases are generally not about breaking a criminal law. Civil cases can include disputes over business contracts or debts, or disputes between neighbours, or debt recovery. Most cases start when a statement of claim is filed. Find out more about the process for cases brought to the civil court. The forms and fees required for civil cases.

Can a civil lawsuit be filed against a homeowner?

To an extent and under specified circumstances, your homeowner’s insurance provides coverage that applies to civil lawsuits. Its limits may fall short, however, and may need to be supplemented. Imagine that a visitor to your home steps onto the front porch and falls through it. He is injured.

What happens if you receive a civil complaint against you?

You pick up and hear a recording that states a fax was received with a civil complaint against you (or your daughter, son, brother, etc). The message adds that they will send the documents to appear in court.

How much does insurance cover a civil lawsuit?

If the victim wants $50,000, your insurance company offers to compensate with $30,000, the victim agrees and your defense cost less than $20,000, again, the insurance appears sufficient. If the victim is awarded $500,000 and the costs to defend you total any amount at all, your $50,000 of coverage falls far short.

What does it mean to have a pending lawsuit?

Pending Cases A pending lawsuit is one that has been started but is not finished. This term includes everything from a complaint that has been filed but not yet served to a lawsuit that has gone to trial and is awaiting a decision. Pending lawsuits are not complete yet, so you can’t find them in published case compilations.

What should I do if I am sued in a civil case?

Trust your attorney. He or she will object to providing information during discovery which isn’t germane or relevant to the lawsuit, and will intervene during depositions when matters go too far or get heated. Stay calm and follow your attorney’s directions.

What happens if a lawsuit is filed against you?

Lenders will ask for a letter of explanation from your attorney. Underwriters consider the potential liability of the lawsuit along with your other information when making a decision. If the lawsuit is in small claims court, there should be no issues.

Can a person not tell the truth in a civil case?

Not telling the truth is called perjury, subject to criminal penalties. No attorney can knowingly allow his or her client or witness to not tell the truth. There are instances where testimony in a civil case may incriminate the person related to pending criminal charges.