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How long can a car accident settlement take?

How long can a car accident settlement take?

Most cases are fairly simple—fault is clear, insurance coverage is adequate for the damages involved, and no one suffered truly serious or life-long injuries. Those kinds of cases can settle fairly quickly, probably not within weeks, but settlement certainly is possible within just a month or two.

How long does it take for a car accident settlement?

If you and the insurance company are able to agree on a fair settlement, the process to receive your check typically takes around four to six weeks. The insurance company will have you sign a release form.

Who are the lawyers that deal with car dealerships near me?

The auto dealer fraud attorney at Consumer Action Law Group sues car dealerships for violations of California and Federal consumer laws. Most car buyers do not know when the dealership is breaking the law. The lemon law attorney at Consumer Action Law Group will investigate all contractual, financing issues, and multiple repairs claim.

Do you need a lawyer to buy a bad car?

Auto Lawyers are very helpful for consumers who purchased a bad car because they can apply legal pressure on the dealership that sold the bad vehicle. When consumers buy bad or defective vehicles, it may be difficult for them to actually get the dealership to give them what the law entitles them to.

Can a lawyer help you with auto dealer fraud?

You’ve come to the right place. If you’ve recently purchase a car and suspect some wrongdoing by the car dealer, you may be a victim of auto dealer fraud. An auto dealer fraud lawyer can help with unfair business practices such as failure to disclose damages, price packing, and misleading dealer add-ons.

Where do car dealerships get their legal fees from?

Under the consumer laws in California, legal fees are usually paid by the dealership that breaks the law. Typically, when a case goes to trial, the legal fees are awarded by the court. If the case is dismissed or dropped, the client does not have to pay anything.