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How do you use Biobizz light mix?

How do you use Biobizz light mix?

How to use BioBizz Light Mix. Biobizz Light Mix can be used alongside BioBizz fertilisers, straight out of the bag. Being lightly pre-fertilised, Light mix makes a great foundation to add other organic products, such as insect frass (Ecothrive’s Charge) or Bat Guano (Plagron).

Is Biobizz light mix amended soil?

BioBizz Light-Mix is a 100% organic soil mix for maximum control of young plant life’s development. Light-Mix main ingredients consist of Peat moss, Sphagnum peat and Perlite. Mixed together, these components provide optimal drainage throughout which is essential for use with automatic irrigation systems.

Is Biobizz light mix Coco?

We’re talking about Biobizz Coco·Mix, probably the best, 100% organic coco coir product on the market. This is then washed in clear water, dried and shredded to become light and airy Coco·Mix – which contains little moisture and a neutral pH.

How do you mix Biobizz nutrients?

Biobizz Mixing Instructions For best results, use your Biobizz feeding solution immediately after mixing with water. Never mix your Biobizz fertilisers and nutrients in their concentrated form. Add each fertiliser, booster or additive to the water one by one and stir well in between.

What makes biobizz a good light · mix product?

Biobizz products only contain natural organic elements rather than mineral salts such as magnesium or sulfates that you might find in synthetic fertilizers. This gives Light·Mix a medium Electrical Conductivity (EC) value.

What are the ingredients in biobizz bio grow?

Biobizz Bio-Grow is made from 100% Dutch sugar beet extract (vinasse). It mainly consists of molasses, which is a source of sugar, other carbohydrates, natural amino acids, betaine, Potassium (K), Nitrogen (N), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and over 70 other trace minerals.

How much biobizz to use per liter of water?

You can use Biobizz Bio-Grow in most types of soil and substrate mixtures. Contrary to what the name suggests, use Bio-Grow throughout both the vegetative and flowering phases . If you are growing with Biobizz All-Mix, apply a maximum dosage of 1 ml of Bio-Grow per 1 Liter of water during the full growth cycle.

What do the Black semicircles on biobizz mean?

If you take a look at the BioBizz Feeding Chart below, the lines marked with a grey semicircle at the start are for growing in All Mix, and the black semi-circles indicate the doses for growing in Light mix. Root Juice is the first product that you’ll need to start using.