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How do you give suggestions?

How do you give suggestions?

Another common way to give a suggestion or recommendation is to use the word “could”. “Could” is much softer and more indirect than using “should”….I suggest/recommend + gerund/noun…

  1. I suggest going to Europe in the summer.
  2. I recommend trying that Mexican restaurant.
  3. She recommends trying meditation to relieve stress.

How do you describe suggestions?

Here are some adjectives for suggestions: fresh and useful, dishonorable and sinful, further brilliant, giddy loose, palpably judicious, gloomy, downbeat, shrewd and useful, fleeting and subtle, pertinent and useful, oldest and most practical, dangerous and uncanny, farfetched, dim, agreeable alien, pictorial and …

How do you respond to someone’s suggestions?

Responding to Suggestions: How to Initiate Idea-Sharing

  1. Ask for an image.
  2. Say thank you!: “Thank you for this thought-provoking idea.”
  3. Ask for an example.
  4. Ask the author to share their idea with their network.
  5. Provide an explanation.
  6. Use emojis!
  7. Ask the idea author to weigh in on similar ideas.

How do you politely refuse a suggestion?

How to politely decline a request

  1. Understand the reason for the request.
  2. Brainstorm several solutions.
  3. Firmly, but gently, decline the request.
  4. Give a reason for declining the request.
  5. Offer alternative resolutions.
  6. As a last resort, ask for help.
  7. Turning down a meeting.
  8. Saying no to a project.

How do I make suggestions without offending?

  1. Be Straightforward. You aren’t doing anybody any favors by skirting around the subject.
  2. Be Specific. General criticism almost always sounds like a put down.
  3. Focus on the Work, Not the Person.
  4. Don’t Tell Someone They’re Wrong.
  5. Find Something to Compliment.
  6. Make Suggestions, Not Orders.
  7. Have a Conversation.

What is the difference between suggestion and recommendation?

suggestion (n.) – an idea or plan that you offer for someone to consider. recommend (verb) – to advise someone that they should do something.

What does it mean to make a suggestion?

To make a suggestion means to offer an idea or plan for someone to think about. You probably already know a few ways to make suggestions in English, using words such as could or should .

When do you use shall to make a suggestion?

Using Shall is another way to make a suggestion. However, it sounds a lot more formal and is more common in British English than American English. Shall we go to Chez Philip? One thing to note when using Shall to make suggestions: it is only used with the subjects I and we. We would not say, Shall you to offer an idea. Let’s…

Is it rude to ask someone for a suggestion?

And making a suggestion is unlikely to be considered a chore, there’s a certain implied compliment in asking someone for a suggestion, so there’s not as big a need to make it more polite. “Send suggestions to [email protected]” probably wouldn’t be considered rude even though it is phrased as a command.

How to use gerund to make a suggestion?

In this example, the subject is still we, although is not directly stated. Instead, the subject is implied. And, going is the gerund form of the verb go. You can also use How about + gerund to make a suggestion for an action that does not involve you. For example: How about starting a group for English learners? What about…?

To make a suggestion means to offer an idea or plan for someone to think about. You probably already know a few ways to make suggestions in English, using words such as could or should .

When do you need advice and making suggestions?

Sometimes you need help and sometimes you need to help others. Everyone needs advice and suggestions even if you are the most powerful person in the world! Presidents and Prime Ministers have teams set up just to advise them about what they should do or what they could be doing better. So never be scared of advice.

Do you know the giving advice and suggestions exercises?

Giving Advice and Suggestions Exercises – If you have read our previous article about the explanation giving advice and suggestions, then you must be able to do these exercises in order to master this subject matter. This time, we will be providing the giving advice and suggestions exercises along with answers.

Which is an example of a strong suggestion?

Because we’re talking about how to give strong suggestions and recommendations, we’re going to focus on verbs of suggestion and adjectives of importance. For example, suggest, recommend, ask, insist. These words have urgency built right into them.