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How do I uninstall Yum RPM?

How do I uninstall Yum RPM?

Manual removal of an RPM using YUM package manager To list your current packages history execute “yum history” command. To show all installed RPM packages execute “yum list installed” command. To remove the installed package we execute the “yum remove xxxx” command where xxxx=name of package.

What is RPM in AIX?

RPM is a program for installing and managing software packages on a system. It is commonly used by several Linux® distributions. It provides a simpler way to manage software compared to manual installation of files. All the native AIX product file sets are provided in the installp format.

How do you uninstall a package?

  1. Remove a package: Get the package complete name: dpkg –list | grep partial_package_name* Remove the package: sudo apt-get remove package_name. Remove all the dependencies: sudo apt-get purge package_name.
  2. Remove a Snap: Using remove command: sudo snap remove package_name. answered Aug 9 at 12:49. Mostafa Wael.

How do I uninstall an rpm package?

Include the -e option on the rpm command to remove installed packages; the command syntax is: rpm -e package_name [package_name…] To instruct rpm to remove multiple packages, provide a list of packages you wish to remove when invoking the command.

How do I uninstall Podman?

How to uninstall Podman on RHEL?

  1. Uninstall Packages: yum remove buildah skopeo podman containers-common atomic-registries docker container-tools.
  2. Remove any left-over artifacts & files: rm -rf /etc/containers/* /var/lib/containers/* /etc/docker /etc/subuid* /etc/subgid*

How do I run an RPM file in AIX?


  1. Ensure that there is at least 150 MB of free space in the /opt file system.
  2. To install the RPM files, choose one of the following options:
  3. Download the RPM files to the current working directory from the IBM AIX® Toolbox for Linux Applications website by issuing the following command:

How do I update a package in AIX?

  1. Install UNAB RPM Packages.
  2. Customize the UNAB RPM Package.
  3. customize_uxauth_rpm Command Customize the UNAB RPM Package.
  4. Verify That the Installation Completed Successfully.
  5. Upgrade the UNAB RPM Package.
  6. Uninstall the UNAB RPM Package.

How do I uninstall multiple RPM packages?

How do I uninstall TypeScript?

3 Answers. You can now uninstall “TypeScript Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015” from the Control Panel in Programs and Features. It was automatically installed with Visual Studio 2015 in my case.

Which command is used to remove an rpm package Mcq?

42. Which command(s) is/are used to remove an RPM package? Description – Both rpm –uninstall and rpm -e remove RPM packages.