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How do I submit an essay to smarthinking?

How do I submit an essay to smarthinking?

Log into your Smarthinking account. Click on Submit My Writing or Career Documents and select a subject from the list. Fill out the essay submission form.

Is smarthinking online tutoring free?

Smarthinking is free. Some of the many services only a click away include an online writing center where students can submit their papers and essays 24 hours in advance and have them reviewed by a tutor. With the online writing center, there are resources in there for them to learn basic grammar skills, Dr.

What is smarthinking online tutoring?

Smarthinking (ST) is an online-tutoring service designed for students who are taking core academic courses. Online learning assistance is available from tutors in mathematics, computer & technology, business, science, Spanish, and writing for all subjects.

How could smarthinking be used to support your success?

Promote student success with 24×7 tutoring services Smarthinking gives students anytime, anywhere access to academic help from experts, even when you can’t. We extend your resources with just-in-time online tutoring, helping students arrive prepared, succeed in class, and work towards career goals.

What areas does the writing center provide assistance in?

Many higher education institutions (and some of secondary education) maintain a writing center that provides students with free assistance on their papers, projects, reports, multi-modal documents, web pages, et cetera from consultants.