How do I get out of the Thalmor party in Skyrim?

How do I get out of the Thalmor party in Skyrim?

Activate the “Escape the Thalmor Embassy” objective. Inside the dungeon you’ll find a table with a book on top called “Thalmor Dossier: Esbern.” Get this book and read it. This should change your objective to “Escape the Thalmor Embassy.”

Where is the key to the door in the Thalmor Embassy?

The door at the bottom of the stairs leads into Thalmor Embassy, Dungeon and is master-locked, but opened by the key found in the chest upstairs.

Are the Thalmor evil?

The Thalmor are the main antagonistic faction in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as they are fought in numerous main story quests such as “Diplomatic Immunity” and “A Cornered Rat”. They were the most imminent evil force in Tamriel prior to the appearance of Alduin and the return of dragons.

Can you defeat the Thalmor in Skyrim?

In game it’s not possible, the Aldmeri Dominion (AKA The Thalmor) want the Civil War in Skyrim to continue as it weakens the Empire for future plans (Skyrim still being a province of the Empire) so your best bet to undermine the Thalmor is to put an end to the Civil War by joining either the Stormclocks in Windhelm or …

How do I distract the guards in Skyrim?

After showing your invitation to the Thalmor bouncer and exchanging pleasantriess with the Ambassador, Malborn urges you to create a distraction so that you can sneak out. Grab a Colovian Brandy either from Malborn or the waitress and hand one to Razelan.

Is Ulfric Stormcloak evil?

Ulfric Stormcloak is not evil, he just doesn’t see the bigger picture. He sees his cause as saving Skyrim, but all it is is handing it to the Aldmeri Dominion on a silver platter. Ulfric got pissed when Talos worship was “banned”. But if you stop to think, the Empire is still allowing free and PUBLIC Talos worship.

What race are Thalmor?

The Thalmor are the ruling party of the Aldmeri Dominion, consisting entirely of supremacist High Elves (Altmer) whose goal is to weaken the Empire and end the worship of Talos (also known as Tiber Septim, founder of the Empire), alongside wiping out the human races of Man.

Where to find the Thalmor embassy in Skyrim?

Run past the wizard to the Thalmor Embassy Courtyard. The entrance is on the right of the corridor past the Thalmor wizard. In the Thalmor Embassy Courtyard, it may not be possible to sneak past all the Thalmor guards. The hero may have to just run for the building near the center of the courtyard: Elenwen’s solar.

What’s the best way to kill Thalmor in Skyrim?

When the Thalmor guard draws near, use Unrelenting Force Shout to push him backwards. If there is a wide and long space behind the Thalmor guard, the Unrelenting Force will push him backwards and sprawling onto the ground. Take this opportunity and hit him repeatedly with the axe before he can stand up.

Why did Delphine send the Dragonborn to Thalmor embassy?

Hoping to discover secret information about the Dragon Crisis, Delphine sends the Dragonborn to the Thalmor Embassy. Disguised as a guest attending Elenwen’s party, the Dragonborn creates a distraction and discovers several dossiers and letters about the Civil War in Skyrim, but nothing about the Dragon Crisis.

How to leave the Elenwen Thalmor embassy party?

All the guards and the guests in the party room will move over to this distraction. Take his opportunity to head over to Malborn and leave the Elenwen Thalmor Embassy party through the kitchen door. There is also an alternative way to create a distraction at the party.