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How do I find my orientation date SJSU?

How do I find my orientation date SJSU?

You can access your MySJSU Messages via your student portal. You can also confirm what orientation date you are signed up for in your Next Steps portal.

Is SJSU orientation mandatory?

Your advisors at the ACCESS Student Success Center are extremely excited in welcoming you to SJSU. Orientation is required for all new students and must participate in its full duration. Don’t miss any of the important dates. Any changes to the information here will be updated as soon as possible.

How long is SJSU orientation?

All admitted first year students must attend one mandatory Sparta Camp (Frosh Orientation) session, which is a two day experience. All admitted transfer students must attend one mandatory Spartan Experience for Transfers (SET) Orientation, which is a one-day experience.

Will SJSU be online for fall 2021?

SJSU is offering a mix of in person, hybrid and online course options for the fall semester. The course schedule for the fall 2021 semester is available on the Academic Affairs website.

Is Spartan ready Mandatory?

Attendance is mandatory. If you do not attend, you will not be able to register courses for the semester in which you are admitted. We encourage you to register early and make travel plans around this date.

What is spartan link SJSU?

Completing Spartan Link This module will help answer some of your immediate transition questions and assist you in preparing for your orientation experience. Spartan Link takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete and saves your progress as you go, which allows you to complete it in multiple sittings.

Will SJSU have in person classes fall 2021?

As a reminder, the California State University announced last December the anticipated return to primarily in-person instruction for the fall. With this in mind, SJSU will be offering a mix of in person, hybrid and fully online classes.

Is SJSU open in fall 2021?

Disclaimer: In light of the recent events related to COVID-19, information on this page is subject to change….2021-2022 Academic Year.

Event Fall 2021 Spring 2022
First Day of Instruction August 19, 2021 January 26, 2022
Enrollment Census Date September 16, 2021 February 22, 2022

Is SJSU registrar office open?

Mon – Fri: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

What is spartan ready competency?

What is Spartan Ready®? The University of Tampa graduates students who are prepared to be successful individuals with an advanced understanding of their field of study, the interdisciplinary workplace and how to be leaders who contribute to society.

Where can I Find my orientation date for SJSU?

You can access your MySJSU Messages via your student portal. You can also confirm what orientation date you are signed up for in your Next Steps portal. You can view what SET orientation date you registered for in your Next Steps portal.

How to apply for Houston Community College New Student Orientation?

Complete New Student Orientation “NSO.” Select the “On-boarding” checklist and click “NSO” to upload proof/documentation Submit official high school transcripts, SAT and/or ACT test scores to determine eligibility for placement or waivers.

Where can I find the HCC student handbook?

The HCC Student Handbook provides valuable information about many available resources while you attend HCC. It also provides information on student rights, policies, procedures, services, and activities. For more information about the HCC Student Handbook, please visit the HCC Student Handbook Website.

How old do you have to be to apply to Houston Community College?

Applicants 18 years old and older. Age exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. All exceptions must be cleared through the Adult Education & Literacy program during the orientation/registration site. What do I need to upload during the registration & orientation session?