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How do I download Miracast on my LG TV?

How do I download Miracast on my LG TV?


  1. On your Smart TV, select Smart Home ( ) > Settings > .
  2. Select Miracast™/Intel® WiDi , and then set it to On .
  3. At the top of your smartphone screen, tap Miracast to activate it.
  4. Select a smartphone to connect it to your Smart TV.
  5. Tap the Accept button.

Does LG have Miracast?

If your android device runs Android 4.2 or later, you will automatically have the Miracast feature. It may be renamed as WIRELESS DISPLAY, SCREEN SHARING or SHARE AND CONNECT. If you have an LG Smart TV, it should automatically have miracast receiver feature.

Does LG TV have screen mirroring?

Turn on your LG Smart TV and select Screen Share from the home menu. On a smartphone, tap Settings (or screen mirroring icon), choose where to play media (or similar step), then select your LG smart TV from the device list.

Where is the Smart Share feature on LG TV?

To get started, press the Home button on the Magic Remote. Then, navigate to the right of the launcher to find this Smart Share icon then click it. Or simply press the microphone button and say ‘Smart Share’.

Can Miracast be downloaded?

Android devices with Android 4.2 and later are capable of supporting Miracast as well as most Windows devices. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy a Miracast supported dongle to connect to any device.

How do I connect my Miracast to my LG Smart TV?

LG Smart TV Network Connection

  1. Press the SMART button on your LG remote and scroll to access the Home menu.
  2. Select the Settings button, then OK.
  3. Select Network, then WiFi Connection.
  4. Your LG Smart TV will first attempt to connect to a wired network.
  5. Select your WiFi network from the list of available networks.

How do I get Miracast on my TV?

You can enable Miracast in Settings -> Display. From here, select Wireless display and toggle it ‘on’ at the top. Then you can search for Miracast devices and connect to them.

How do I turn on miracast on my LG TV?

Mirror screen on other device

  1. Turn on and connect to Wi-Fi.
  2. From any home screen, tap Apps.
  3. Tap Settings > Share & connect > Miracast.
  4. Tap the Miracast switch to turn on the feature.
  5. Turn on the Miracast feature on your TV or connect to the LG Miracast dongle.

Can miracast be downloaded?

How do I cast to my LG TV?

Open your device settings. Android: Find the Screen sharing(cast or mirroring) in settings of your device and tap on it to open. Now you will find a list of wireless devices, from which you have to select your LG TV. After that, you will see your Android device display is casting on your LG TV.

How do I download an app on my LG Smart TV?

  1. Press the Home/Smart button on your remote to bring up your launcher.
  2. Click the More Apps Button.
  3. Open the LG Content Store App.
  4. Choose Premium.
  5. Find your app in the LG Content Store, then choose Install.

Can I download Miracast on my phone?

Miracast is available on Android devices with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and newer versions of Android. Android devices do need the appropriate hardware, so your Android phone or tablet may not support Miracast — especially if it’s an old device that’s been updated to the latest versions of Android.