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How can I get my money back from bKash?

How can I get my money back from bKash?

You can cancel the Send Money request before the receiver opens his/her bKash Account. Simply go to Send Money option from bKash App and tap on the cancel button beside the transaction details. The returned amount will be added to your bKash Account balance.

Is Nagad send money free?

Nagad is a fast and secure digital financial service. Nagad can be used for daily financial transaction needs like cash-in, cash-out, send money, mobile recharge, etc. Nagad send money charge from Nagad USSD is given below….Nagad Send Money Charge – Nagad Send Money Fee.

Send Money Charge/Fee
Any Amount 5 Taka

Is it possible to send money from Nagad to bKash?

How can I send money from Nagad to Bkash? Currently it is not possible to send money to Bkash from Nagad account.

Is it possible to send money from rocket to bKash?

Mobile Banking Money Transfer System But you can’t send money to rocket from bKash if you want. This means that a customer can transfer money from his bKash account to any Rocket or any other mobile banking account if he wishes.

What is bKash helpline number?

Customer Touch Points

Helpline (24 Hour Call Center) 16247
Live Chat
Service Touch Points Click Here
Mailing Address bKash Limited RAOWA COMPLEX (LEVEL – 6), VIP ROAD, MOHAKHALI DHAKA – 1206.

What is bKash limit?

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Transaction Limits
Transaction Type Maximum Number of Transactions Maximum Amount
Deposit from Bank to bKash 5 30,000
Card to bKash
Send Money & Transfer Money 50 25,000

How do you cash out Nogod?

  1. Go to the nearest “Nagad” Uddokta point.
  2. Log in to your “Nagad” App or dial *167#, select the “Cash Out” option.
  3. Scan the QR code or type in the number of the Uddokta.
  4. Type your Cash Out Amount.
  5. Type your PIN number. ( Always keep your PIN secret)
  6. Confirm the transaction.

How can I transfer money from bKash to bank account?

To transfer money:

  1. Log in to your bKash App.
  2. Add your City/BRAC Bank account from bKash Menu.
  3. Save your bank account.
  4. Click on the Transfer Money icon.
  5. Select your desired bank.
  6. Enter bank account details to transfer money.
  7. Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  8. Enter a reference about the transaction.

How can I transfer money from Nagad to bank account?

Log in to Bank’s internet banking portal (app / web) Select fund transfer/transfer to ‘Nagad’ Select ‘Nagad’ Account from the beneficiary list. Select Bank Debit / From Account.

How can I contact bKash?

For getting uninterrupted service, please contact us 24/7 through:

  1. Call to 16247.
  2. Email: [email protected].

How can I complain to bKash?

Contact your nearest local bKash Customer Care or Customer Care Center. Reach out to us through bKash’s Official Facebook Page Email us at [email protected].

Can I cash out 100 TK from bKash?

Bkash App Cash Out Charge is 1.75%. Get 100৳ Bonus by using bkash App (Only 1st time). Download Bkash App. That means if you have 1017.50 Taka in your bKash account. The remaining Tk 18.50 will be deducted as bKash cash out charge.

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