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How are child support services provided in Indiana?

How are child support services provided in Indiana?

Family Centered. In Indiana, Child Support services are provided in each county by elected Prosecutors operating in cooperative agreement with the Child Support Bureau. For information on County office operations, visit the Association of Indiana Counties.

How to get rid of child support arrears?

The best way to determine how to eliminate your arrearage is to first check with the Child Support office to determine how much you still owe and ensure that this is the correct amount (calculation errors can be made by the state).

What does unassigned child support arrears mean?

The good news for them is that states are willing to negotiate their debts. Unassigned child support arrears refer to the payments a non-custodial parent owes directly to their co-parent. This time around, the government will not receive any money from the provided back payments.

Can a child support arrear be waived in Georgia?

In Georgia, child support arrearage cannot be waived or even dropped by the custodial parent. The debt will continue to exist long after the child has become an adult.

How does child support enforcement work in Indiana?

The State of Indiana is required by federal law to provide child support enforcement services. These services are funded by the federal government and the State of Indiana. Indiana charges interest on missed payments if the amount in arrears is determined in a court entry, interest accrues at rate of 8% per annum.

What is the interest rate for child support in Indiana?

If court adjudicates an accrued arrearage, interest – per Indiana state law on judgments – accrues at 8% on the adjudicated amount. In addition – per specific child support only statute – the court may order interest at up to 1.5% per month.

How old do you have to be to get child support in Indiana?

Indiana limits enforcement of child support orders to 10 years after the child turns 18 years old or the date of emancipation, whichever is earlier.

What is the phone number for DCS child support?

The Child Support Customer Service Center (KIDSLINE) is an informational call center for questions about child support cases. Automated phone service is available 24 hours, 7 days/week. Customer service hours: Monday – Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Closed on State Holidays.