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Does your spouse automatically inherit your estate in Texas?

Does your spouse automatically inherit your estate in Texas?

Your spouse will inherit your half of the community property unless you leave descendants – children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren. If you have separate property (many spouses mix everything together and don’t have any separate property) your spouse will inherit all or a portion of it.

Can a surviving spouse inherit community property in Texas?

These laws tend to vary a great deal among community property states. For example, a surviving spouse would inherit all the community property in Texas if the couple had children together. But if the spouse who died had children from a previous marriage, those children would receive their parent’s 50% share of the community property.

What happens when an unmarried person dies in Texas?

On rare occasions, when an unmarried person dies without any surviving heirs, his estate will pass to the State of Texas. Perhaps you have a close friend who you would have wanted to share in your estate.

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Can a surviving spouse receive 50 percent of a community property?

The surviving spouse would receive only her own 50 percent share. A married individual living in a community property state can usually only pass his separate property to someone other than his spouse in his will or another estate plan.

What are the rights of a surviving spouse in Texas?

Under Section 38 (b) of the Texas Probate Code, a surviving spouse is entitled to the decedent’s entire estate if she is the only living descendant. If the decedent is survived by one or more children, the spouse is entitled to one-third of the separate property in the estate and the children will share the remaining two-thirds equally.

What happens to a second spouse in Texas?

Even if a second spouse is not named in a will, she is still entitled to inherit at least half of the couple’s community property, provided that she and the decedent were married at the time of his death. In Texas, “community property” includes every asset that the spouses acquired during their marriage.

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