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Do you have to talk to your neighbour about building a fence?

Do you have to talk to your neighbour about building a fence?

Talk to your neighbours about building a new fence or upgrading an existing one. Yes. Generally, if you want to build a fence on a common boundary with your neighbour, or upgrade an existing one, you can expect the neighbour to go halves on the bill for an “adequate” fence.

Can a court order someone to build a fence?

Yes. But if it happens, you can seek an order from a District Court or Disputes Tribunal to allow anyone building the fence to enter your neighbour’s property at reasonable times and do whatever is reasonably required to build the fence. You can head off this problem if you raise the issue in your fencing notice.

What is a serving notice under the fencing Act?

This is called “serving notice”. If you have trouble preparing your notice, refer to the Fencing Act. A sample notice is included in the schedules to the Act, as are some useful descriptions of different types of fences. What if my neighbour doesn’t want a new fence at all? They should serve you with a cross-notice.

Who is the owner of Broward County fence?

Thank you all at Broward County Fence & Pergula and keep up the good work “owner is great and knows what hes doing.” I hired Broward County Fence to upgrade our old gate to a modern automated aluminum gate in Hallandale. They did a fantastic job.

Who is Bill’s Fence Company in Dallas TX?

Bill’s Fence Company, Inc. is an established, trustworthy, and dependable fence company, operating with over 100 years combined experience, with the ambition to serve our customers to the best of our ability. Serving all of Arkansas and Dallas region, we strive to exceed quality and customer satisfaction.

What do you need to know about Bill’s fence?

Bill’s Fence has the capability to install high security fences that you can find at the zoo, jails and prisons. “We had a great experience with Bill’s Fence. We called them to come look at our front porch because we needed a handrail. They were very fast and courteous. Our handrail looks fantastic and is extremely sturdy.

Where can I find Bill’s fence in Arkansas?

You will find that Bill’s Fence Company has the equipment and manpower to efficiently install all types of fencing within the state of Arkansas as well as eastern and central Texas. Bonded and insured for your protection and ours, we service both residential and commercial projects.

Who is the owner of Glidden Fence Company?

Contact us to schedule your appointment! Glidden Fence is a top shelf Fence Company starting at the top with the owner, Tom. Tom sent Bill out to our house to give us an estimate. My husband and I knew immediately that we wanted Glidden to do the job.