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Did Jack Bauer daughter die?

Did Jack Bauer daughter die?

Audrey Boudreau, Jack’s former flame and the daughter of the President of the United States, was shot and killed, mirroring the season one death of Jack’s wife Teri Bauer.

What happens to Jack’s daughter in 24?

Nina attempts to shoot Kim but Jack kills her before she can. Kim is eventually brought into the field, as Jane Saunder’s double. When her identity is discovered and she is attacked, she is forced to shoot and kill her assailant.

How old is Kim Bauer?

Kim Bauer
Birthdate: 1988-1989
Father: Jack Bauer
Mother: Teri Bauer
Nationality: American

How did Kim Bauer get a job at CTU?

Kim earned a job as an analyst at CTU Los Angeles, due partially to her father. Throughout Day 3, Kim was constantly put down by Adam Kaufman and Chloe O’Brian, as they felt she didn’t earn her position fairly.

Did Jack’s wife die 24?

Teri eventually went looking for Nina, who was by then in the course of her exfiltration from CTU. Just before Nina left to flee CTU, she shot Teri in the chest, killing her. Jack, who had returned to CTU and apprehended Nina, discovered Teri’s body shortly after she died.

Why did they kill off Teri Bauer?

Nina Mayers didn’t want to kill Teri Bauer as she was willing to let her go BUT her handler had already told her that she should not leave anything behind which can be used to connect Nina to Germany and Teri had already overheard Nina talking in German. So she had no choice but to kill Teri.

Why is Jack crying at the end of season 3?

He tells Kim before he leaves that he’s sure she’ll make the right choice; the reason he starts crying is because he knows she’s chosen a better life than him. Jack’s choice to stay detached (as Chase puts it in regards to himself) has caused pretty much all of the pain and suffering in his life.

Who did Jack Bauer love the most?

Raver’s character on 24 was as Audrey Raines, the daughter of Secretary of State, James Heller. Raver’s character is one of the most popular of all the love interests in the life of the series.

Why did Nina kill Teri?

Who killed Jacks wife in 24?

Nina Myers
Teri Bauer was the wife of Jack Bauer and mother of Kim Bauer. During Day 1 she was embroiled in a hostage crisis with terrorists who wished to coerce and frame her husband….

Teri Bauer
Death cause: Shot by Nina Myers
Died: Day 1, 11:54pm
Status: Deceased
Played by: Leslie Hope

Who killed Teri on 24?

Wiki 24:Sandbox/Teri Bauer

Teri Bauer
Death cause: Murdered by Nina Myers
Status: Deceased
Played by: Leslie Hope
Season(s): 1

Why did Nina kill Teri on 24?