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Can you work with a knee injury?

Can you work with a knee injury?

More importantly knee pain can put you out of work. Even if you do not work in a strenuous job, you can still develop chronic pain over time. Workers that must stand or walk on hard, concrete floors can eventually feel the effects in their knee especially as they get older and their knee cartilage starts to degenerate.

What can I do at the gym with a knee injury?

“Knee injuries obviously limit what you can do at the gym, but there are still tons of exercises available to you,” says Martin. “Usually I will focus on the upper body, especially seated and supine work. You can work your chest, arms, back and more with dumbbells and machines, all without putting pressure on the knees.”

Can a work related injury be work related?

This means that an injury that happens at home could still be work-related if it’s a chronic issue that began at work—or if an at-home injury is exacerbated in the workplace. A 24/7 safety mentality gets employees thinking about safety at all times, not just when they’re required to at work.

When to report an injury to the employer?

A worker is moving items at work when they feels pain in their hip. They tell their co-worker and ask for help moving the heavier items. The worker is experiencing pain but no injury has been diagnosed. The injury has not been reported to the employer. A worker trips and falls in the office.

How often do people go to the ER for knee injuries?

If you run, play sports, lift weights or age — so, that’s everyone — chances are high you’ll sustain a knee injury. It’s one of the most common ailments for the young and the old. In fact, about 2.5 million adolescent athletes visit the ER each year for knee injuries, according to the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.

How often do knee injuries occur in the workplace?

Knee injuries are among the most common and most debilitating injuries in the workplace. Workplace knee injuries account for roughly 150,000 of annual workplace injuries nationwide according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s more than 13% of all injuries.

What kind of knee injury is eligible for workers comp?

Common workplace knee injuries eligible for workers’ compensation include: Torn ligaments. Tendonitis. Bursitis. Strains. Contusions. Arthritis. Cartilage injuries.

When to get compensation for a knee injury?

Getting compensation for a knee injury is critically important if you have a work-related injury. Knee injuries are often serious. Proper treatment may require surgery and significant time off work. All of it can leave you wondering how you’re going to provide for yourself and your family.

What to do after a knee injury at work?

After a workplace knee injury, it is very important to work with a qualified and experienced workers’ compensation attorney to guarantee your workers’ compensation eligibility, to ensure your claim is filed correctly and to maximize your compensation benefits.