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Can you visit Westvleteren?

Can you visit Westvleteren?

Yes, it’s possible to find good beer in the tourist hot spots of Belgium like Bruges, Brussels, and Ghent. While many flock to the area to drink the much sought after Westvleteren 12 from Saint Sixtus Abbey (Beer Advocate’s Best Beer in the World), nearby Saint Bernardus and De Struise are also worth visiting.

Is Westvleteren a Trappist?

The Westvleteren abbey is a Cistercian abbey, commonly called “Trappist abbey”. The monks devote their lives to prayer, reading and labour. They live together as brothers according to the Rule of Saint Benedict.

How can I buy Westvleteren?

The only legal way to buy Westvleteren beer is at the abbey itself.

Where is Westvleteren 12 made?

The brewery’s three beers have acquired an international reputation for taste and quality; Westvleteren 12 is considered by some to be the best beer in the world….Westvleteren Brewery.

Industry Trappist brewery
Headquarters Vleteren , Belgium
Products Beer
Production output 475 kL

How do you drink Westvleteren 12?

Serving Westvleteren 12 As with the majority of dark beers, the Westvleteren 12 shouldn’t be served cold, it should be slightly below room temperature. This ensures that you can taste all the different notes and aromas, if it is served too cold you wouldn’t be able to taste the beer to it’s fullest.

What does Westvleteren 12 taste like?

Flavor: Westvleteren 12: The taste is very similar and as complex as the nose was, especially as it warmed to 55°F. There were notes of caramel, dried raisins, prunes, figs, vanilla, sweet (but not too sweet) candy sugar, some licorice, a hint of cherries and a mild spiciness.

How much does westvleteren cost?

Only two crates can be bought at a time, with priority going to newer customers. A 24-bottle crate of Westvleteren 12 will cost $50, a bargain compared to a Dutch grocery store chain that reportedly sold them – without permission – for over $11 a bottle.

How long does Westvleteren 12 last?

Westvleteren 12 bottles are dated 3yrs out,not 5, but will last well beyond that. Personally I think it is good fresh, but great with 2+ years on it.

Is Westvleteren the best beer in the world?

The West-Flemish beer “Westvleteren 12” has been rated as the world’s best beer by the influential American website This was announced on the website. The top-50 includes 10 Belgian beers, one less than last year. Westvleteren is produced by Trappist monks.

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