Can you return a ring to Kay Jewelers after its been resized?

Can you return a ring to Kay Jewelers after its been resized?

Jewelry must be in good condition with all original certificates and accessories. Returns or exchanges are NOT allowed on customized jewelry, special order watches, class rings, engraved items or charitable donations. Cash refunds are issued to the original purchaser with original sales receipt.

How long does it take Kay to resize ring?

Kay takes 10-14 days to resize depending on the workload. They send the work to their local Jared’s repairshop (sister store). It costs anywhere from $40-$60 to have a ring made larger, depending on how many sizes up you are going. It is about $35-$40 to size down.

Does resizing ruin a ring?

If a ring needs to be upsized or downsized greater than two sizes, resizing is simply not a good choice. Essentially, resizing a ring too far from your ring size can damage the ring. Additionally, the style of ring and ring metal will affect whether or not it can be resized.

Does Kay Jewelers do ring sizing?

We offer free sizing for purchases for any ring within 90 days of purchase. All you have to do is pay the shipping.

Can I return a resized ring?

Many Jewelry Stores offer a Return Policy on their Bridal Jewelry, Rings and Bands. Some Chain Stores (Like Kays, Zales and Helzberg), may offer up to 90-100 Days for a Full Refund… (Some of these stores at one time used to offer up to 6 Months! )

Can a ring be resized the same day?

Many local jewelers will give you a quote of one week, just to be safe. But it is often the case that the jeweler will be able to have your ring resized for you that same day or the next day. Be sure to ask your jeweler about the current workload and the turnaround time for your particular ring.

How much does it cost to get a ring resized at Zales?

How much does it cost to resize a ring at Zales? For a more complex resizing, the cost ranges from $50 to $150. Regardless of the design, making a ring larger will always cost more.

Can a ring be resized in one day?

Generally, a small local jeweler will be able to resize the ring for you much more quickly than a chain jewelry store (like Kay or Zales). But it is often the case that the jeweler will be able to have your ring resized for you that same day or the next day.

Does Walmart do free ring sizing?

Walmart itself does not do ring sizing within their stores. They send it out to a professional jeweler with whom they have a contract. That said, if they are using a legit local shop to re-size your ring, then your jewelry piece should be rescaled in about a week or so.

Can a wedding ring be repaired at Kay Jewelers?

It still had the marks on it and they stated the ring is now junk and should not be worn as it will break and is no longer able to be paired with a wedding band or fixed ….this is my engagement ring. What do you mean you destroyed it? Shouldn’t you replace the band you ruined ..

How long does it take to get ring resizing at Kay’s?

Ring resizing at Kay’s? How long does it take to get rings resized at Kay’s? They send it out to another location, correct? I’m a little nervous about that. What has been your experiences? When I asked, they said it would take 3 weeks. Luckily, that was BEFORE I bought anything from them.

What happens when you resize a wedding ring?

After restoring the circular shape, the ring is soldered back together and cleaned of any oxidation caused during the soldering. The ring is also given a polish to smoothen its surface. When the job is completed, there should be no indication or visible details that the ring had been resized.

How many times has Kay Jewelers sent out the same band?

So they sent it out and it came back with the same marks. This went on another 6 times with it being sent out and coming back each time taking a month or longer. That last time I got it back they had polished the band down to 1/4 of what it started at.

Does Kay Jewelers have sales?

In addition to their clearance items and promotional sales , Kay Jewelers also has outlet stores where customers can purchase deeply discounted items, as well as previously owned jewelry, in order to save money and shop smarter.

Does Kay Jewelers have layaway?

Kay Jewelers Layaway. eLayaway has revolutionized the way layaway works. eLayaway lets you receive your item(s) from Kay Jewelers before your first payment is due. No longer do you have to pay off your purchase in full prior to receiving your items.

Does Kay Jewelers engrave rings?

Kay Jewelers have also launched a range of engraving rings and other diamond jewelry pieces that can be engraved with a special message that the customer wants to express to the person they are handing the jewelry over to. The engraving service offered by Kay Jewelers has become quite popular amongst their customers.

Are Kay Jewelers diamonds good quality?

Kay Jewelers is just one of the many examples of brands that offer a large variety of diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry sets and other types of fine jewelry, often at very affordable costs. The question still, however, is whether or not the diamonds offered by Kay Jewelers are good quality diamonds.