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Can you really get paid to talk on the phone?

Can you really get paid to talk on the phone?

The concept is simple enough: You give advice by phone and get paid. That’s how Ether is supposed to work. Yes, the site has licensed therapists and other professionals, but others offer video game help and windsurfing advice. You are undoubtedly an expert on something, and credentials are optional (just don’t misrepresent yourself).

Can you get paid to talk on the phone with ether?

Ether says, “People will only be able to call you when they’ve prepaid your rate.” You can set a schedule specifying when you’re willing to take calls. You can also let people email you to set up a time, so you could fit this service around other commitments or jobs.

Why do we need talking points for pay conversations?

Comp tells the story to your employees about how you much you value them. Because there are so many ways for pay conversations to go sideways — especially when more money isn’t in on the table — we wanted to arm you with the talking points to master these difficult conversations this annual increase/communications season.

When do you need to have a conversation about pay?

Conversations about pay are fraught with emotion, and the way they go can determine whether your employees stay or leave. When the cost to replace one employee who quits can be up to nine months of their salary, you’ll want to do what you can do to make sure that pay isn’t the reason why people quit.

What happens when employees talk about their salaries?

Conversations can evoke feelings of jealousy and inequity among co-workers who most likely are unaware of the reasons for salary differences, including education, experience and training. Suspicion, distrust and other negative emotions often result from salary discussions and seriously affect company morale.

What happens when you refuse to talk about your salary?

There’s a danger lurking in that politeness. When we refuse to talk openly about salaries, gender pay gaps can widen, people can be vastly underpaid for their work and have no clue that’s the case, and those in different industries applying for new jobs will struggle to know how much they should ask for. Our politeness isn’t helping us.

Can a employer fire you for talking about salary?

It’s important to note that an employer cannot fire you for discussing pay, and if they were found to have any verbal or written policy prohibiting talking about salaries, they could get in a bit of legal trouble. Of course, if you like your job, you aren’t bothered by the legal stuff.

Can your boss stop you talking about salary with your?

No employer can stop you from chatting about salary, so all you have to overcome is the weight of our cultural discomfort with honesty around earnings. You can do it.