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Can you charge for pets on Airbnb?

Can you charge for pets on Airbnb?

Tip: Airbnb doesn’t have a specific section to add a fee for pets, but you can charge a pet fee through the Resolution Center or adjust your cleaning fee.

How much do Airbnb hosts charge for pets?

The average Airbnb pet fee is $20. This will cover the cost of pet supplies and the normal Airbnb damage that will occur over time. Pro Tip: Remember if there is excess pet damage after a guest checks out then claim a report to Airbnb for a refund (pet fees are for standard cleaning/restocking).

How does Airbnb work with pets?

Find listings that allow pets To find listings where pets are allowed: Go to and click Homes. Under House rules, check the Pets allowed box. All listings that appear specify that they allow pets (but be sure to double-check)

Can Airbnb say no pets?

Generally, yes, unless there’s a threat to health or safety. As stated in our Nondiscrimination Policy, Hosts are expected to reasonably accommodate reservations where an assistance animal may be present, even if their listing/house rules state “no pets.”

Can I leave dog in Airbnb?

Follow The Pet Rules for the Airbnb Whatever the rules that have been set by the home owner, whether they were listed in the House Rules section on the Airbnb site or supplied separately by message, make sure you follow them. No pets on the furniture. No pets to be left unattended.

Can you sneak a pet into an Airbnb?

Yes, yes and yes! Pets are certainly allowed to stay with you in an Airbnb, but you do need the host’s permission. You will also need to make sure that the Airbnb you are choosing is pet-friendly. Once you find a place you love and want to check if it is pet-friendly.

What happens if you sneak a dog into an Airbnb?

The only policy that Airbnb has in terms of pets, is for service animals. They state that any service animal is allowed to stay at an Airbnb fee free and without penalty. So when it comes to animals, you must comply with the rules and regulations set out by the host as Airbnb doesn’t have a written pet policy.

Is there a fee for pets on Airbnb?

There is no set fee for pets like there is for extra guests. If a host decides to set a fee for pets you will find this written within the listing description. Hosts may also write in their house rules if their property is pet friendly. You can view this before you book under Additional Rules at the bottom of the listing.

Why do we use Airbnb with a dog?

There are a few reasons that we use pet friendly Airbnb spots when traveling. Although it doesn’t have the same perks as staying in a hotel (ahem….room service!), it does offer amenities that make traveling with a dog easier.

Can a host refuse entry to a pet friendly guest?

Guests are totally aware that no host is going to kick the guests out or refuse entry to guests who paid $300 for a 2 night reservation, just because they didn’t pay a $30~40 pet fee. Even if the pet fee collected initially which will be refunded brings your rates up higher, if being pet friendly gives you a competitive advantage in your area.

How to add a pet fee to a home?

@Heidi248 Also put it in the things the guest must acknowledge at booking check outm so they can’t say they never saw it. Go to Listing, Booking Settings, Scroll down to Rules and Edit Details a Guest Must Know About Your Home Click on Amenity limitations and add the pet fee there too.

How do I find a pet friendly Airbnb?

Go to and click Homes. Click More filters at the top of the page. On the More filters page, scroll to the bottom of the page. Under House rules, check the Pets Allowed box.

What resorts allow dogs?

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What is the Airbnb website?

Airbnb is a website based on communal respect, and so includes several functions that both hosts and guests can use towards this end. For example, users can create profiles that showcase their preferences, hospitality policies, and preferred activities.