Can a landlord break a lease early in Utah?

Can a landlord break a lease early in Utah?

If a Utah tenant wishes to break a lease early, they may do so legally for the following reasons: Tenants that break a lease early may still be required to pay the remainder of the lease term. Landlords are not legally required to facilitate the re-renting process.

What are the rules for being a landlord in Utah?

In Utah, landlords must provide a habitable living space and must also make requested repairs in a timely manner (10 days). If they do not, then Utah tenants are empowered to take at least two forms of alternative action. They may withhold rent or they may make the repairs and deduct the cost from future rent payments.

How long does a landlord have to give a Tenant Notice in Utah?

If the complaint is determined to be justified, then the tenant may use the ruling as the basis for civil litigation. Utah requires landlords to give at least 24 hours’ notice before entering an inhabited unit. Landlords and tenants are free to modify these policies in the lease agreement.

Can a landlord retaliate against a tenant in Utah?

And although Utah has no statute prohibiting your landlord from retaliating against you simply because you requested repairs or complained about housing code violations, Utah case law does prohibit such actions.

Can a landlord break a lease in Utah?

This is because under Utah law (Utah Code Ann. § 78B-6-816, Reid v. Mutual of Omaha Ins. Co ., 776 P.2d 896 (Utah 1989)), your landlord must make reasonable efforts to re-rent your unit—no matter what your reason for leaving—rather than charge you for the total remaining rent due under the lease.

What are the leases and rental agreements in Utah?

Leases and Rental Agreements in Utah Code Section Utah Code 57-17-1, et seq.: Residential Terms of Leases Holdover tenant is bound to covenants pr Deposits No limit on deposit; interest on deposit Discrimination No discrimination on basis of race, colo Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Ac No

What are the rules for being a tenant in Utah?

By the law, Utah tenants are required to abide in a certain way. They must follow certain procedures as outlined by the law as well. Tenants also have certain rights that they are entitled to, as well as things they are responsible for.

Can a landlord give you a quit notice in Utah?

If you have caused substantial damage to the property, your landlord may give you an unconditional quit notice, giving you three days to move out. (Utah Code Ann. §78B-6-802). Tenants are legally bound to pay rent for the full lease term, typically one year, whether or not you continue to live in the rental unit—with some exceptions, as follows.