Can a drywall wall crack in a garage?

Can a drywall wall crack in a garage?

Drywall can crack, dent or break if it is struck with a hard object. Since garages are typically not used with the same care as other interior living spaces, the walls in your garage may be subject to substantially more abuse than the walls in your living room.

Is there such thing as an exposed brick wall?

Project 2 in year 2 of saving was this exposed brick wall. Project 3 just a few months prior to the start of our renovation included the building of these floating shelves.

Why did I want to build a brick wall?

Doing small projects along the way before the actual renovation somehow made the wait seem a lot shorter, the “saving” not as painful, and as our vision started to take shape, I became more and more excited to finally get to the big renovation. So when it came to this brick wall: I wanted it so badly and I didn’t want to pay for the labor.

What causes stair step cracks in cinder block walls?

The continuous pattern usually follows the grout or cement lines between cinder blocks. According to Almost Home, stair-step cracks in cinder block foundation walls — usually found in unfinished basements — are a result of soil settling beneath the center of the wall.

Why are there cracks in the bricks above my garage door?

One clue is the location of the cracks. If there are vertical or stepped cracks (similar to the illustration) in the bricks above the garage door or coming out from the upper corners of your garage door opening, then it’s a good chance you’ve got sagging bricks above the garage door. Find a brick construction expert for this matter.

How to separate garage door from red brick?

Separate the garage door color from the red brick by painting your trim a neutral color. White trim looks great no matter what color garage door or red brick you have. It offsets the house colors, creating a break between different colors on the home.

Where is the damage to the garage door?

The door that was damaged was located approximately 6 feet from the garage corner. Fortunately the wall plate was still sitting on the foundation sill plate 30 inches from the corner. However, the wall plate at the door was hanging off the foundation sill plate by 6 to 8 inches.

What happens when a car hits a garage wall?

The car smashed into the rear garage wall, destroying the insulated steel door and completely pushing the wall off the foundation. That morning my cell phone rang, and the wife told me what happened.