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Best Online Slots In Australia With The Highest RTP

The game becomes much more interesting when the chances of winning are higher. Thanks to the characteristics of the machine, it is possible to estimate the possibilities even before the game starts. 

A key indicator of all licensed slot machines in the gambling industry is the theoretical return to player or RTP rate. Having become acquainted with the values, players can count how much money they may get in the form of prizes, and pick the correct betting strategy for quick replenishment of the bankroll.

Each slot has a specific value of RTP. Beginners are unlikely to know anything about this abbreviation but avid players clearly know that this is an important rate of the software.

What is RTP and How to Understand It

If you compare two categories of Australian gamblers, you can see that the beginners who search for a suitable model for gambling pastime pay attention to the theme, the quality of graphic design, and the ease of gameplay. The other half knows exactly what the most valuable aspect is. We are referring to the theoretical return to the player rate of the slot.

RTP or Return to Player rate is an exact indicator of each slot machine in a land-based or online casino. It indicates how much money will return to the player from the invested funds. It is fixed by the provider and set in the software code of the model. When issuing a license, the regulator checks the compliance of the actual RTP rate to the one declared by the manufacturer. After some time, the rate is rechecked in accordance with the conditions of certification.

Popular video slots have a return rate of 96-97%. However,  there are also models where this value reaches 98-99%.

This indicator is the proportion between the player’s win and the proceeds of Australian online casinos. When the RTP is equal to 95%, it means that so much percentage will return to the gambler from the total bet. Only 5% will be received by the online casino Australia.

However, it is statistical and averaged parameter, which should not be taken literally. All models operate randomly on the basis of the RNG, so you can hit the jackpot after a couple of spins or spend a long time waiting for a lucky combination. In fact, RTP is valid only in the long-term perspective. And you have to rely on fortune only.

It is worth knowing that all gambling software must have the exact RTP rate indicated. This is the main requirement for the developers to pass the licensing procedure.

Where to Find Slots with High RTP Rate? 

Online Slots

The answer is simple: in the best Australian online casino 2022. A good model is one that has an RTP rate of more than 90%. This already says that the gambler has a high chance of winning. Slots RTP database features slots with an impressive RTP of 98-99%. These are promising machines that will generously reward everyone.

At the legislative level, it is established that the return rate of online slots in Australia should not be less than 85%.

As mentioned above, the RTP  rate is one of the main indicators. While making a choice, you should also pay attention to the variance. Low dispersion machines attract with high frequency of payouts and pump up the luck. High dispersion enables you to hit the jackpot. The Australian gambling establishments have mostly slots with low variance because they make gamblers stay in the game longer.

Top Profitable Slots

This section presents video slots from well-known providers. It’s very easy to get information about them. Details are published on official websites and at FairGo casino play.

Online casino Australia real money offers the test version of the slots to explore the gameplay, check the RTP, choose your bet level, and the number of lines, and develop the appropriate strategy. 

So, here are the top 10 slots with highest RTP 2022:

Full House GameOpenBet98%
Blood Suckers GameNetEnt98%
Iceland GameSpadegaming97%
Lucky 88 GameAristocrat97%
Mega Joker (NetEnt) GameNetEnt99%
Caesar’s Empire GameRTG97%
Moon Temple (Amaya) GameAmaya97%
Let’s Go Fish’n GameAristocrat97%
T-Rex GameRTG97,5%
Diamond Dare Bucks GameSaucify98%

Advantages of Games with High RTP

Australian slot machines with high RTP rates stand out for the following features:

  1. They increase the chances of winning. With the rate97% odds, the user loses 3% from each bet. However, it is applicable on long distances.
  2. The possibility of big winnings, provided that the variance is taken into account.
  3. Wagering of the bonus money if the respective conditions are to be fulfilled.

Can Developers Change the Indicators?

The RTP rate is set in the video slot at the software level with the help of coding. 

Taking advantage of the best slot machines to play at the casino, it is worth remembering that the correct operation of the providers is closely monitored by competent authorities. The RTP rates may undergo changes only when the software is updated by the developers. An improved model in this case once again undergoes an independent audit where the exact figures are recorded.

Always check the availability of the license – it is a guarantee of fair play.

Winning Frequency and RTP

Many slots have identical RTP rates but they form prize combinations with different frequencies. Specialists have distinguished a certain pattern

  • highest RTP casino slot machines have a higher variance, and those with a low RTP have, on the contrary, a lower variance;
  • Slots with lower values pay out more often but small amounts of prizes and slots with higher values pay out decent prizes but less often.

Experienced gamblers are attracted to machines with a high RTP rate. Beginners do not always take risks, so they choose models with lower RTP.