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Are you here looking for a CPS defense lawyer?

Are you here looking for a CPS defense lawyer?

FightCPS: Child Protective Services-CPS-False Accusations Family Rights v. Child Welfare Services You are here: Home /Legal Issues /For Those Looking For a CPS Defense Lawyer For Those Looking For a CPS Defense Lawyer June 25, 2014- By Linda Martin- 902 Comments Are you here looking for legal representation?

Can a DSS member win a lawsuit against a CPS?

All DSS/CPS members will be financially rewarded for their participation in successfully winning any lawsuit against any DSS/CPS agency. Investigations. CPS/DSS Fraud and Corruption Defense Investigations – 25+ Years Total Career Investigative Experience.

Who is the lawyer for Child Protective Services?

DSS Lawyer: Paul Wesley Freeman Jr., represented false information in this case for over two years. Please read the full story for details. Child Protective Services, Investigations/Case Management, Lead Supervisor: Sonya Freeman

Can a court force DSS to return a child?

WE HAVE LEGALLY FORCED DSS/CPS AND COURTS TO RETURN CHILDERN TO THEIR PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS. As expert parental rights defense investigators, as well as parental rights civil litigation investigative experts, Child Protective Services civil litigation investigative experts, our team produces unsurpassed results for our clients.

How to contact DSS Department of Social services?

Telephone Numbers. SNAP/TANF Client Services. (800) 616-1309 – DSS Connect Call Center. General Information/Constituent Services. (Constituent Services does not have access. to SNAP/TANF case information.) (803) 898-7601 or [email protected] Office of the State Director. (803) 898-7360.

When to hire an attorney for a disability case?

Unless your case is very clear cut and the evidence points strongly to your disability, you might be better off hiring an attorney. And if you don’t want to wait upwards of two years for a hearing date, you might try to hire an attorney for help with the initial application.

Can a disability attorney schedule a social security exam?

If necessary, a disability attorney can request that Social Security schedule (and pay for) an exam with a doctor or psychologist.

Is it legal for social services to spy on You?

If you have no choice but to have regular Social Services contact, then be aware that they can and will use every avenue to spy on you and this is totally legal. As we have seen from my own case, they will look at your Facebook page and possibly even befriend you under a fake profile.