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Are Blue Parrot headsets good?

Are Blue Parrot headsets good?

Blue Parrot headsets are famous for their noise cancellation, and have improved upon it with the B450-XT. It is not a noise canceling headphone, and it only has one ear cup anyway. Sound is top notch for a headset. Its speaker is large and loud, so you’ll not have any problems listening to a call.

How does BlueParrott B250 XT work?


  1. Turn your headset off.
  2. Press the Multi-function button until you hear four rising tones and the light alternates red and blue.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and then select your headset from the list.
  4. When connected, you will hear a single tone and the Multi-function button will flash blue.

Is Blue Parrot made by Jabra?

GN Audio (Jabra) has acquired VXi and BlueParrott GN Audio – the owner of Jabra, a leading global brand in intelligent audio solutions – today announced that it has acquired VXi Corporation, the headset manufacturer of both the VXi and BlueParrott brands.

How do I update my BlueParrott B250 XT?

The BlueParrott Updater is a free software program enabling your headset firmware to be updated with the latest functionality. Simply install the BlueParrott Updater on your computer; connect the headset to the computer with a USB cable; and click “Update”.

How long do Blue Parrot headsets last?

With up to 24 hours talk time, and up to 400 hours of standby time, you can stay connected all day.

Can you replace the battery in a BlueParrott?

The batteries in our headsets currently in production are not intended to be user replaceable. They all use lithium-ion type batteries, which are designed to have an extended service life of several years.

Who owns Blue Parrott?

GN Group
VXi and BlueParrott brands are acquired by GN Group, a world leader in intelligent audio solutions.

Is the blueparrott b550-xt a good headset?

The BlueParrott B550-XT Bluetooth headset delivers excellent voice intelligibility in loud environments, making it perfect for noisy jobs that require clear wireless communication. PCMag editors select and review products independently. If you buy through affiliate links, we may earn commissions, which help support our testing.

How does the B250 XT Bluetooth headset work?

Quick-Start Guide. Since its introduction, the BlueParrott B250-XT Bluetooth headset has been widely regarded for its ability to knock out the most aggressive ambient noise—even the roar of an 18-wheeler! Thanks to its advanced noise-canceling microphone—utilizing BlueParrott’s Xtreme Noise Suppression.

Why is the B250 XT called the roadwarrior?

We call it the Roadwarrior because some of our biggest fans are long haul truckers. Unlike most over the ear headsets, the B250 XT features a professional grade, noise canceling microphone to effectively block out road and engine noise. High grade components ensure professional audio quality.

What can you do with the blueparrott button?

The BlueParrott button can be assigned to various functions using the companion app. The power button doubles as the call answer/end button, and it will also summon the voice assistant on your phone. The BlueParrott app is a bit of a weak spot.