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A beginners guide to online casino gaming in the UK

Video gaming may date back to the 1950s, but since the advent of the internet, gaming has become one of the most popular pastimes in the UK, and throughout the world. The first slew of games may have been for the early adopters, but as technology advanced and the internet allowed the development of online gaming, the gaming landscape completely changed.

As well as classic games such as Space Invaders and Pong, players were keen to enjoy digitised versions of traditional casino games. The nature of these games meant that their video game counterparts could replicate the familiar versions that people were used to very faithfully.

Games of chance were particularly well-suited to the ability to randomise results with a computer, and games of skill rely heavily on statistics to win, making a variety of games instantly playable, including:

  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Slots
  • Baccarat

The ability to play casino favourites online has encouraged players that might not otherwise have ventured out to a land-based casino, creating a demand that has seen online gaming become a much more mainstream choice of entertainment. This has generated the need for new legislation that has been introduced to ensure that players are treated fairly and can expect certain standards of customer service when using online gaming sites.

Online gambling in the UK

One of the key pieces of legislation that has been introduced to regulate the online gaming industry is the Gambling Act of 2005. This Act saw the establishment of the Gambling Commission, an independent public body that is responsible for overseeing the industry.

Their remit includes a wide variety of activities, including developing and issuing guidance and advice to online gaming providers. They also regulate the licensing of gambling providers in the UK, ensuring that providers all comply with the regulations and deal with any infractions that they find.

As part of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, the gambling commission is responsible for a range of gaming activities, including bingo and lottery games as well as casino games. The Gambling Commission also conduct and publish research that is used to ensure that legislation is based on the latest understanding of every aspect of online gaming, from the workings of the latest technology to the best way to future proof online payment systems.

New gamers’ guide to online gambling

Those who are new to gaming may find the wealth of choice a little overwhelming now that there are so many sites offering such a wide variety of games. However, there are a few simple ways to get the best online gaming experience:

Check the site’s license – All sites should be licensed by a regulatory body, although that doesn’t necessarily have to be the UK’s Gambling Commission. UK sites can be licensed by international bodies such as the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association or the Malta Gaming Authority.

Choose the payment method that works for you – as technology advances, the number of payment methods available is growing fast. From online providers such as Paypal and Google Pay to cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), there are many ways to make payments online.

Gaming sites that allow their players to use their choice of payment method need to have stringent security processes in place, using the latest technology for authenticating and processing transactions. Players can check that their preferred payment method is available and ensure that they are happy with the timeframes offered for deposits and withdrawals.

Special offers and bonuses – Online gambling sites typically offer their players a wide variety of options. From welcome bonuses and deposit matching to free spins and additional chances to win. Online casino provider MrQ are currently offering 40 free spins when players enter a promotional code when depositing and playing with £10. With a range of offers available, players can choose the offers that work best for them when considering a gambling site.

Which games to choose

As the gaming industry has grown, the variety of games on offer has too, meaning that there are more options than ever for new players. The advent of new technologies such as live streaming has enabled players to enjoy all the excitement of a live casino without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

There are also plenty of games available based on various different cultural phenomena, from popular films and TV shows to music, myths and almost anything else you can think of. Players can find games that appeal to their tastes, playing style and budget, allowing them to stay completely in control of their gaming options.

While many people understand the rules of various casino games, actually playing them and winning is an entirely separate matter. Without the pressure of onlookers in a land-based casino, it’s possible to develop strong strategies for winning and maximise your budget with games that suit your playing style the best.

For players that want to pit themselves against the house, games such as slots and roulette rely more heavily on good luck and the ability to hold your nerve when playing. For those that prefer a more strategic approach, games such as poker pit players against one another and require a more in-depth understanding of both probability and human nature in order to win.

Anyone that enjoys the fun and excitement of casino games but wants to make the most of the convenience and flexibility of playing from wherever they happen to be can find a site that provides the perfect game for them.