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8 effective ways to pass exams without studying

Let’s be honest: all students want a way to ease their academic experience. The reason for such a strange and somewhat careless (at least, the instructors see it as such) wish typically has to do with the low value of courses and the lack of time. Sometimes courses don’t have any quality behind them. In other cases, our readers have to spend a lot of their time in the service sector to pay for education. Both of the factors can combine in many college cases. Thus, a reasonable question arises: how to pass an exam without constant studying night after night? Believe it or not, some methods to achieve this goal exist.

Method 1. Visit all classes

If you want to avoid the nervous and often highly unpleasant period of studying associated with exams, a rational choice is to be present in all course classes. The approach would save a lot of your time, in reality. By listening to the instructor, you would learn about all the key themes. As a result, when exams come, you will be able to answer many questions without preparation. The author of this post has personally done so on multiple occasions and managed to produce outstanding papers and essays during his studies. If you want an expert opinion on the topic, studying is often unnecessary. All that is necessary is presence and some attention to the things your instructor says. The process is so easy if you have time that it is difficult to call it proper studying. Your assignment in this case is akin to listening to some podcast: you don’t have to learn in a traditional sense.

Method 2. Choose the easiest tasks

In many cases, exams have easy questions or essay prompts. If you don’t want to study, just try to choose them. Many professional writers recommend this approach. What are we talking about? Say, you have to write something about human rights. Look for something extremely general:

  1. Does your country uphold civil rights?
  2. What is your opinion on the need to uphold civil rights across the world?

Our writer experience shows that such topics are extremely common nowadays. It is as if the instructors perfectly understand the useless nature of their courses. Thus, they give tasks that need no research. The approach works for tests too. You won’t get a lot of points for writing only the easiest tasks. However, their combination with some luck can get you out of the toughest situations. Pick the simple questions and guess in some places and you will be fine. Hundreds of students have managed to finish courses with the assistance of this approach.

Method 3. Calm yourself down

One of the best ways to fail an easy exam is to be nervous. Some tasks, as mentioned above, are essentially free. As long as you exhibit some logic, you will be absolutely fine. In this light, the true enemy to consider is your mental stability. We have seen many students who got debilitating reviews for essays or tests despite studying a lot. Why? Because they were too nervous. What’s the use of studying if you cannot remember anything at the end? Several methods can help in this regard:

  1. Pick some herbal teas or over-the-counter remedies;
  2. Meditate before the exam;
  3. Sleep well;
  4. Pray (if you are religious, of course).

By calming down your emotions, you will be able to think straight and clearly. Thus, any task that appears in the course of studies is likely to become relatively simple. After all, you will be able to apply logic to them.

Method 4. Read class presentations or colleague notes

A good idea for exam preparation is to quickly review all the materials related to a course. But, isn’t that studying? Not entirely! All we ask here is that you read something once. Just go through the key information quickly and without hesitation. In this way, you will quickly learn the key terms without having to study from scratch. If you don’t have any materials, just take a look at some specialized resources. Almost every profession has some website dedicated to collecting the key information on the topic. Take a look at the key things written there. You will be able to acquire the best knowledge in a short time frame.

Method 5. Use the help of specialized companies

Another good approach is the use of help from companies that provide personalized services in essay writing. You can order and then buy some cheap paper from such a service almost anywhere in the USA. An average customer of such sites can expect custom and 100% original material written in high-quality English language. In this regard, we have some great recommendations. Try out the essay service of you will get the papers of outstanding quality there.

Method 6. Learn to concentrate

Even the greatest students fail the exams because they can’t concentrate properly. 50% of success in exams doesn’t stem from learning something. Instead, top students are the ones who can focus in a potent way. In this regard, you can try the following methods:

  1. short meditation; 
  2. logical thinking exercises provided by some company. 

Many great options for students exist today. Try different approaches and you will eventually hit the golden spot.

Method 7. Ask past students for help

Some instructors in college settings are notoriously lazy. Thus, if you ask some people online for exam questions, the probability of success is likely to be high. Go on Facebook and contact some of the students who studied in preceding courses. They may have full exam questions and even complete essays. As long as you do everything discreetly, it should be extremely easy to capitalize on the experience of the preceding generations.

Method 8. Be friendly to instructors

Many individuals like flattery or, at least, attention to themselves. A large number of instructors can easily give you some points if they know you. Present yourself as a diligent student. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. After some time, the individual in question will know you well. Once you have to connect some numerical value to a person, your willingness can falter fast. An instructor who is your friend is unlikely to be extremely harsh during grading. Thus, don’t be self-centered: go and talk to the teachers. Some communication today can resolve lots of your problems tomorrow.

All in all, there are some ways to pass exams without studying all nights through. Not all of them are simple, indeed. Still, you have options: just make sure to use them.