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Are there any good trivia questions about Thanksgiving?

Are there any good trivia questions about Thanksgiving?

Here’s our list of Thanksgiving trivia questions. Most of them are quite challenging and I would be shocked if you didn’t learn something new about Thanksgiving after going through this list. Before we start though, there are many countries and cultures that have a Thanksgiving holiday or celebrations based around giving thanks.

What to ask your in-laws at Thanksgiving?

Perhaps you’re meeting in-laws for the first time, or someone unexpected showed up for Thanksgiving dinner. Whatever the case may be, you can use these ice breaker questions as conversation starters so that everyone feels comfortable while eating their meal.

Do you say thank you for Your Kind answers?

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What do we have to be thankful for on Thanksgiving?

The harvest and of the preceding year. There are many things to be thankful for, but Thanksgiving has a very specific connotation that has to do with something very simple: giving thanks for food. 5. What other country celebrates its own version of Thanksgiving – sometimes called L’action de graces – on the second Monday of October?

Can you use general knowledge questions with answers?

You can also use them as rapid fire questions for a quiz with answers. If you would like to get notified when more general knowledge questions with answers are added to this article then you can subscribe to receive updates.

Are there any good trivia questions for Thanksgiving?

From the food to the family time to the football to the floats at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, here are 50 Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers to impress your guests in between stuffing your faces with stuffing. Yes, you do need some Thanksgiving activities for kids to keep all guests entertained, after all!

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